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auld lang something or other

Happy New Year, east coast reprezentin'!


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» First Posts of 2003 from The Bitch Girls
Well my first post of the new year may not have been notable, but at least I managed to avoid doing one like this at Right Thinking. General happy blessings are available at The Spoons Experience, A Small Victory, InstaPundit, [Read More]


Happy New Year!

I got drunk alone and stayed inside!

Resolution: Less pathetic in 2003!

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(From the Poconos!)

Yappy Hew Near!!! Hic! %--)

90 min. to go here on the west coast!

Happy New Year from us RNs in the ICU in Baltimore!!

We're hopin for a quiet night :)

Happy New Year, Michelle, to you Justin, Natalie, and DJ!

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, Michele! Thanks for making 2002 so much nicer for me!

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Happy New Year, Michele, from the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina. With Kiril's west coast greeting above, it would appear your fan club extends from coast to coast! Da Goddess took the words right out of my mouth - and if you don't believe they were my thoughts first, check out my blog.

Happy New Year Michele!
Here's to one filled with wonderful adventure!

The Mid-Pacific represented, although 9 hours late.

Happy New Year fellow NYer :)