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let's go to the polls

update 3 Ok. I've disabled the ability to vote numerous times in a row. I wanted it to be fun, not disturbing. Charles, have you ever considered using your power over people in other ways? Not evil, but not....good. Drop me a line, maybe you can join me on the dark side.

Trust your feelings.

Yes, it's here!

The Most Intriguing Bloggers of 2002 Poll: The final ten roundup.

Everyone single blog that was nominated is entirely worthy. However, it has been narrowed down the the ten most often nominated blogs. Head over here, cast your vote and let the democratic voting process* begin.

Please note: If you are going to link to the poll, please link to this page. Your readers will be directed there from here. Thank you.

*no recounts, no lawsuits, no pregnant chads, but you can vote as many times as you want. Electioneering is encouraged. Payoffs are accepted. Bribes are par for the course. Cheerleading is also encouraged. I never said this would be pretty.*


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Can you turn those blog names into hyperlinks? Sadly, I know not whom you refer to other than LGF.

Vote for Laurence at ATS, or the terrorists will have won!

People who find me intriguing don't waste their time with online polls. There's 20 some-odd folks who have proven themselves liars. ;)

Dammit! Passed over for A-List promotion yet again.

Mwuhahaha! Feel the power of my invisible hand!

Maybe you should consider the highest and lowest score statistical outliers and toss them out.

Damn! I didn't know you could vote multiple times! I'd have been sitting here all day voting for Lair.

Double damn. Election fraud, and I didn't perpetrate it!

I am crushed almost beyond measure to not be on the list. Me? Not intriguing?? I'm practically a legend in my own mind.


Ah, well, in the face of this devastating rejection, I have no choice but to continue my campaign to be recognized as one of "The Most Annoying Liberals of 2003".