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ted rall: rippling meatball of hatred

For those of you who hold up Ted Rall as a spokesperson for the left, please run through some of these threads at TCJ to confirm my stance that Rall is nothing but a (to quote the delightful COOP) "seething, rippling meatball of hatred and jealousy, marbled with rich veins of inadequacy." Not to mention juvenile, unfunny and void of original thought. I mean, how is it that a guy who thinks calling someone a retard is a defense gets a syndicated column? His popularity mystifies me. Who the hell is his audience, anyhow? Are there that many 10 year old liberals?

thank you to Kevin for once again making me read another TCJ thread that left me minus five IQ points.


Excellent thread -- just about killed me. Thanks for the link...

Bwahahahaha! "Please hate me, I'm Ted Rall." Love the hamhanded attempt to get the ladies on his side ("having sex vs. sexism"). It didn't seem to work.

Tony Millionaire quoted the "rippling meatball of hatred" thing in Maakies, too.

"A crap-filled aquarium of jealousy and neurosis." That was another good COOP quote about Rall, I just remembered.

I wish COOP would illustrate all those quotes. At least some bumper stickers. I think a Devil Chick in a Nun's habit holding a rippling meatball of hatred would make a cool T-shirt.