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so sue me, i slept in

Yes, the much awaited poll is forthcoming. It's too early to count higher than ten, so you'll have to wait until at least a pot of coffee has made its way to my brain.

Today is my dad's birthday (everyone - happy birthday, dad!). I forgot to say happy birthday to my mom on Christmas Eve so (everyone) happy birthday, mom! Thanks.

I had a dream last night that as the ball dropped in Times Square at midnight, it cracked open when it reached the bottom and a group of gun-toting, explosive-wearing terrorists jumped out of the rubble and started screaming "jihad! jihad!" Unfortunately, the neighbor's dog woke me up at that point so I have no idea what happened after that.

I've lived in New York my entire life and never once have I gone into the city for the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square. Why anyone would want to stand out in the freezing cold with half a million people, most of them trying to feel you up or steal your wallet as they brush up against you, is beyond me.

I can have just as much fun getting drunk at home and letting my husband feel me up. And he won't try to steal my wallet.

Yea, poll coming.


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Fear of crowds and perverts and criminals?" You do
ride the subway, don't you?

I've gone to Times Square twice for New Year's Eve.
Both times it was lots of fun and both times nobody
in our party got our pockets picked.

I can't deny that it's freaking cold, of course. But
that will only serve to mitigate your fear of getting
felt up. With multiple layers of sweaters and coats on,
you won't be an appealing target.

Try it sometime - it's the happiest, friendliest
crowd you'll ever find in the city.

Happy New Year.

You start out by wishing your father a happy birthday and finish by talking about your husband groping you.

Think, Michele, Think! Maybe a little too much information for Dad?

I know what you mean. I've lived in NYC or just over the river in NJ my whole life. Never once had the desire to go to Times Square for New Year's Eve. It's partly because I hate Times Square, but mostly it's because I really don't see the appeal.

Then there's the pleasure of having strangers throwing up all around you.

No, thanks. I lived across the river until this summer, and never once did I want to go to NYC for New Year's.

I went several times for Fourth of July and loved it, though.

And for some reason, my writer's group always forgot about Gay Pride Parade day until we got to the Waverly and wondered why there were so many drag queens out in the Village that day.

We met once a month on a Sunday, and every freakin' year, we'd accidentally choose Gay Pride Day for that month's Sunday. Sigh. Traffic, traffic, traffic, and no parking in the Village. Lots of fun things to look at and listen to, though. Damn, those costumes were... interesting.

Really, you all sound like scaredy-cat Southerners
who wouldn't dream of setting foot in NYC even
if they were paid to do so.

New Year's in Times Square is something everyone
should do at least once in their life. The only
complaints I ever hear are from people who have
never done it!!!

You didn't hear me complaining, did you?

The thing is, I hate people. A crowd of 500,000 would probably put me in a murderous rage, not a good idea when I'm going to assume that every one of those 500,000 people is the person who called me a "scaredy cat."

Hey, I didn't call you a "scaredy cat", I just
said you sounded like one :-)

And work on controlling your murderous rages.
We have a record going, we don't want to screw
it up on the last day:


Happy New Year!

Hell, I live in NYC and you wouldn't catch me anywhere near Times Square on New Years Eve.

Damn, I wish my husband would feel me up. I mean wife.

In NYC on

New Year's eve, the silence was

found in reflection.

Should auld acquaintance--

Shit, hold on a second, man

[Barf, puke, and vomit]

When I went to New York City with a Dramatics Group back in the late eighties, we all learned a person from the trip the previous year had gotten urinated on in Times Square during the New Year's festivities. We all spent the entire trip terrified that someone was going to piss on us.

Hallelujah, sister! Great to hear a voice of reason. I have lived in NY for years and no one I know goes near Times Square on NYE. It's nothing but fat, dumb, slow-moving (if they move at all) tourists from Boise, wandering about like cattle, gazing up at dem biiiiiiiiggg ole buildings, whining about how "esspensive" everything is and stiffing assorted bartenders, waitresses and bellhops. New Year's Eve = amateur hour. Go home, gargantuan gawking geeks.

I lived in NYC most of my life and one year I gave in to the "once in your life you should" urge and went to Times Square on New Years Eve. I think it was during the 80's. I have never went back, I have never had the slightest desire to go back. If you have went and had a good time, good for you. I didn't have a bad time, aside from the cold but in an enviourment like this a good time could go bad so easy that I prefer going to a bar or just staying home or a friends home and watching on TV.

I live in Manhattan.

On New Years Eve at Times Square there are too many cops. I fyou want to be part of the crowd, you've got to get there early, like 7 pm 'coz after that, the cops put up barricades and the whole place becomes one miserable maze. And you can't sit down...

And it ain't cheap, either. Beers go for $10. Happy New Year!