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say good night, babs

I have to go to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. But I shall leave you with two three things:

This, which I made for Rachel Lucas in response to her posting Bab's annual holiday ornament

And a gentle reminder to get your nominations in before I get up tomorrow. Which is about 5am EST.

3. How to Rant: Learn by example.


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Shit, Michele, t's almost 2003. Where the hell have I been. So you MUST get "The Best Page In The Universe"/Maddox in..........his blog has made me pee the most. I must admit. And, of course, Rachel, Misha, and The Rottwieller. But YOU, special M, have changed my life. "A Small Victory" for best blog of the millennium. Hands down. The rest are there for just competition!

this is propa wierd wot duz it all mean?