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poll update

Acidman is gunning for Most Intriguing Blogger. He called out his big guns. Meanwhile, Laurence is begging people not to vote for him. I think he just doesn't want to be on the cover of the special issue of Blogger People magazine.

As it stands now, Laurence is in the lead with a pack of wild blogs trailing him.

I am discounting all the votes for myself. Although I appreciate them, I don't think it's fair that I be in my own poll. Y'all are just trying to butter me up, anyhow.

If you haven't put in your nominations yet, now is the time. Tomorrow I will cull from the list the top nominees and put up a poll to determine the final standings.
Of course, there is no prize except for bragging rights. And that cover page.

update: Watch out, Acidman - Denbeste is making a run for your spot.


Sorry, Lair has it all over Acidman and DenBeste.

Laurence Simon. He pisses off more peoople than Streisand, Moore, and Cynthia McKinney combined.

Laurence Simon - I like his reverse psychology thing urging people NOT to vote for him, while somewhere in his head he must know that people will vote for him just cause he said 'don't vote for me'. Arbitrary, we are.
Anyway, my vote goes to him (and I'd vote for him no matter what he said), since I can't vote for you.