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musical moments of 2002: in a word -bleh

2002 was the year I almost stopped caring about new music. It was the year I dragged out every cd I already owned and vowed to stop buying music until everyone agreed that The White Stripes would not save rock and roll and New Found Glory's minimal success was not a new punk uprising.

I used to live at Mr. Cheapo's record store. Everyone knew my name. I would walk in on a Tuesday and there would be a stack of new cds for me to browse through, with some put aside because Mr. Cheapo knew what I liked. Tuesdays were a thrill.

I'm just not feeling it anymore.

I bought very few cds this year, opting instead to drag out the music I had neglected for a while. I rediscovered some old (or relatively old) favorite - Drain STH, Type O Negative, Skinlab, Sepultura and a whole bunch of 80's new wave.

As for the music I did plunk down money for, here are my favorites from the bunch:

Meshuggah - Nothing
Queens of the Stone Age - Songs For the Deaf
And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - Source Tags & Codes
Nappy Roots - Watermelon, Chicken and Gritz
Beck - Sea Change
The Soundtrack of our Lives - Behind the Music
Neko Case Blacklisted
Taproot - Welcome

Song I didn't want to like but I sang it anyhow: Nelly - It's Getting Hot in Here

Most annoying music related things in 2002

American Idol
Any Whitestripeshivesvinesyeahyeahs sounding music
Pop Punk
Andrew W.K.

Best music moment of 2002:

Nick Cave is a god among men. I have been to over 300 concerts in my lifetime, from crappy local bands in venues that looked like a barn to huge extravaganzas of U2 proportions, and this show was far and away the best I have ever seen.

Cave seizured his way around the stage, bumping and grinding and looking at times like a man in the throes of an convulsive nightmare. Every song was a story, every note a masterpiece, every word full of passion. He went through a great mix of slow and fast, ballads and crazed stories woven together in an incredible tapestry of talent. The words "stage presence" do not do justice to the ego this man brings onto the stage with him. He commands your attention and mesmerizes you into believing you are living the song with him. If you ever have the opportunity to see Nick Cave live, do not hesitate. Go.

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I'm sorry, are you sure Andrew W.K. counts as music related? I've never heard that man produce anything remotely resembling music.

My favourite gig of the year?

My Vitriol at the Viper Room, Los Angeles.

Despite the fact that the venue was snotty, overpriced, and generally pretty lacking in atmosphere.

Despite the fact that the audience seemed more interested in the college nu-metal support act.

Oh yeah, and Bob Dylan rocked too. However, I've hardly bought anything new this year either. It all seems too...well, constructed. You can see the joins in songs right now.

Although I couldn't have got through Summer without Less Than Jake, and I'm currently spooling Mansun, Gomez, the Pumpkins, and the Cure to make it through Winter.

PS. the chili peppers sucked this year...

Eh, Chili Peppers haven't turned me on since BloodSugar..

I'm always spooling the Pumpkins.

LTJ is one of the few musical groups I have in common with my kids.

God... it took you this long to get turned off of music? Grunge in the early 90's killed it for me.

Well, that and Van Halen III. wtf were they thinking?

Whenever I feel depressed about my lack of excitement at the progress of music right now, I remind myself that, in accordance with the immutable laws of nature, at some point in the future, the earth will wilt under the power of the sun as it turns supernova.

Seas will boil.
Skies will fall.
The earth will be scorched beyond recognition.
Plants will die, and the sounds of living beings will be washed from existence in a heartbeat.

Which, joyfully enough, includes the sound of 17-year olds massacring terrifyingly bland ballads at regional heats, backed by a host of parents who failed to get the vicarious success they wanted from beauty pageants.

The apocalypse won't be so bad, after all...

and the Cure

HELL YEAH! (they're my fave)

Is it a sign that I'm already hopelessly out of touch that I don't even know 90% of the music you mentioned? I mean, I know OF Creed...don't listen, but have heard of the group...

My latest music purchase...Dixie Chicks "Home" just for the remake of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. But I also dig the track White Trash Wedding ;-)

'I mean, I know OF Creed...don't listen, but have heard of the group...'

Tracy, you're officially the luckiest woman in the world. Oh, for a time when I'd never heard the dull whine of that evil, insipid band...

I envy you.

Nappy Roots are from my neck of the woods (or should that be woodz?). They had a signing at the FYE store in Bowling Green when Watermelon... came out, and it was a madhouse. The store is pretty big, for a mall that size, but it was FULL. Security was minimal, so you can imagine the scene. The manager is a friend of mine, and he was not very thrilled with the event, let me tell you!

Still, it's cool to h ave a band that get s that kind of buzz from right in your backyard (and many of them attended the same college I did, Western Kentucky).

it is time you asked techno to come into your life. not the crappy USA version of techno.. but the full fledge.. european type.. it is a gift that will move you and make you appreciate music again..

Wesley, I've done techno before, but it's been a while since I listened to anything new.

Throw me a few names.

Oh yes, this year in music sucked. I didn't watch American Idol on principle, but followed it to the bitter end, just for the sole purpose of making informed rants. Rap...gah! Not for me, not to judge anyone else's taste. Same goes for techno. Teen-pop is disgusting and every punk group is heading in that direction (Avril -- does she even COUNT as punk, that poser? -- New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, etc). I maintain that the best CD released this year was Nirvana, which of course, was entirely written and produced between 1989 and 1994! That being exactly the point, though.

Well, the Earth will be absorbed by the Sun when it turns into a Red Giant, but the Sun is not big enough to go supernova.

You'll still get your scorching, though. : )

I know what you mean. I've also quit seeking for new aged music. Instead, now I'm interested in old garage punk and blues.