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once again, a notice

The next person that leaves a ten mile long URL in my comments gets their ass kicked and their IP blocked.

If you do not know how to leave a URL using html, then don't. Email me instead.

I've only repeated this about a bazillion times.

I am not kidding. Do not incur my wrath today.


Heya Babe,

Glad to see you haven't lost your je ne sais quoi. Well, maybe this will cheer you up: I am back in the blogging world. Now with 10% more spellable URL.

gord (formerly gord from mjolnir.org)

Goddam, Michele, take a Midol. I didn't clog your blog with lenghty comments. You know that I'm ALWAYS short but SWEET when I write to you. I save my really terrible insults directed at you for my page.

Heh, heh... I have a PLAN about that most intriguing blogger thing...heh, heh..

I wasn't talking to you, my Lord Acidman.

But now I am, shall we say....intrigued.

i don't like when you have a plan. It gives me chills.

Ooooh, so tempting... I am, after all, some 375 miles away from her....

I'll have to think on it.

Don't make me come down there, Meryl. Because I WILL!

Got any tequila?

Nah, but I can get some. I have vodka. Had Scotch, but I brought it over to Heidi's since she doesn't drink when she's over here.