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Loving you is like loving the undead

Justin (my husband) and I have been collaborating on a graphic novel type story. He is illustrating, I am writing. He is a gifted artist, as you will see when the domain I bought him for Christmas (to exhibit his artwork) is up and running.

So last night, during our wee hours brainstorming session, he had an idea for a movie.

Night of the Loving Dead.

Goth kids v. Emo kids in a zombie free-for-all.

Think of the soundtrack. Julianna Theory v. Sisters of Mercy. The possibilities are endless. The cross-over factor will ensure a huge audience.

Well, it was a good idea when we thought of it at 3am.


Hell, I'd buy the soundtrack!

I'm so unhip. I'd never even heard of the term 'Emo' until I clicked that link.

Any story with:

1) Animals eating people.

2) Zombies eating people.

3) People eating people.


4) People getting eaten in general.

Always sounds good to me. If you turn that idea into a graphic novel instead of a movie pitch, put me down for a signed copy.

Hey, I'd pay 9.50$ to see it. If only for the guarantee of crying emokids in the audience.

hello kids.