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an extremist by any other name

A suspected Islamic extremist shot dead three U.S. humanitarian workers and wounded a fourth at a missionary hospital in southern Yemen, according to a hospital spokeswoman

Well, at least it's good to know that CNN doesn't hedge on using the word terrorist only when writing about Israelis being killed.

"One of the eyewitnesses there said that he came in the office as if he had a child beneath his jacket [but] it turned out to be ... a semi-automatic rifle that he used against them," [Walid Al-Saqqaf, editor-in-chief of the Yemen Times] said.

Al-Saqqaf reported that the gunman tracked down one of the victims in a separate room and shot him. "It seemed somewhat a pre-planned attack," he said.

Somewhat? A guy hides a weapon under his jacket so it appears to be a child, hunts down his victim and shoots him and several other people - all Americans - well, it doesn't take an investigative reporter to figure out it was pre-planned.

Yemen, the ancestral homeland of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, is a hotbed for extremist Islamic militant groups, finding refuge in the country's mountainous, tribal strongholds.

Extremist Islamic militant groups is such an cumbersome phrase. Let's try, for editorial reasons, to cut it down to one word. Say....terrorists. Yea, that's the ticket.


I notice you stopped spelling the word out. I'm touched. (sob)

I guess that makes the anti-abortion activists that kill doctors at abortion clinics terrorists too? They claimed to be acting on their religious convictions too.

Yes, I do consider them terrorists, Ken.

Actually, on another site I coincidentally came across the official US definition of terrorism:

Title 22 of the United States Code defines terrorism as "premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience." In addition, "the term "noncombatant" is interpreted to include, in addition to civilians, military personnel who at the time of the incident are unarmed or not on duty."

I guess by using that definition, one can include a vast range of activities. It makes me sad to think of how much of the world is dominated by violence of one group of people against another. God, Michele, I will get so depressed soon I will feel like slashing my wrists in some filthy alleyway.

the suspect, Abid Abdulrazzaq al-Kamil, 30, told authorities he did it "to get closer to God," but the motive for the shootings remained unclear, said Faris al-Sanabani, a Yemeni journalist.

Good ol' Yemeni journalism! Why doesn't that journalist believe what the terrorist said?? Not to mention these motives: they were American. They were Christian. They were NOT MUSLIM!!!

"We've been operating a hospital for 35 years, and we've treated more than 40,000 patients a year ... and we continue to have plans to have personnel here," Norvelle said.
"We would not choose to end our ministry and service because of risk and danger to our personnel," he said. "If we would, we would probably be ending our [work] in many of the countries throughout the world."

But wait! I thought Oslimey was the one doing all the good works and helpin' out the folks in that part of the world! Sen. Murray would be shocked!

When I want to get 'closer to God', I make him/her/it (oh fuck it) a nice batch of fudge brownies. Mmmm. But not too soft, there's nothing more annoying than having to be all-seeing when you're leaving sticky chocolate handprints over all you survey.

He gets very uppity when that happens. At which point he gets very sulky, ends up watching Thirtysomething reruns all evening and refuses to help with the washing up. Tsk...

a religious whack-o is a religious whack-o.......No denying that christans and Jews have them; Islam just seems to have more of them.