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Please remember what I said about nominating bloggers for the Most Intriguing Blogger Awards.

So the most intrgiuing bloggers would not be the ones who are the most popular, or the most prolific or the most recognizable. They would be the bloggers who are, obviously, disturblingly provacative, arouse your interest or curiosity or, in general bring you back to their site again and again because you are always wondering what they will say or do next. They make you think and make you want to leave comments or email them. They present issues that interest you or at least make you have an interest in something you previously did not. They make you want to know more about them, what makes them tick, what lies behind the words and the keyboard, even if you don't agree with them, even if you hate them.

I'd like to see someone step up and nominate someone they can't stand or don't agree with, yet read their site daily. For instance, one of my nominees would be Oliver Willis, although we disagree on everything from politics to football. I'm not saying you have to love your enemies, just admit they intrigue you.

Also, when leaving links in comments, please use html or just email me the link if you don't know how to use html. Mess up my sidebar again and you will get a 2x4 upside your head. Thank you.


I nominate Rae of By Sand and Sea. She's the only blogger I read regularly who I disagree with, at least sometimes (she leans a bit to the left, but she does it in a nice way). Other than the political differences, she's smart and funny and interesting, and I look forward to her posts.

I will have to pass on the voting because I enjoy everyone on my link list. All of them are most excellent!.

I nominate Brent. I don't read daily, but I do visit The Ville often enough.

The one site on the lefty side of the blogverse that I read daily is
Matthew Yglesias

I disagree with about 90% of what he says, but he writes well, covers a wide variety of topics and his tone, along with the majority of people who comment there, is very civil.