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shall we play a game?

I've been watching the Packers get crushed by the Jets and now I need to be amused. First person to make a snarky comment about the game and/or The Packers in general gets their IP banned. I am dictator here. Thank you.

We are playing What Would Homer Do? Want to play? Here's the first card.


Oh the hell with this. I'm going to take my frustrations out the only way I know how. I'll be back after I troll the news sites looking for something that makes me mad enough to say a whole bunch of curses.


Answer is Pepi. I was reminded of that when I saw the constellation Jerry the Cowboy in the sky tonight.


Does that include referring to them as the Fudge Packers?

For once in my life, I was rooting for the Packers as I needed them to win get my Patriots in the playoffs.

Now I can look forwarded to baseball season, unless Colon joins the dark side between now and Spring Training. If that happens, we can just hand the damn World Series trophy to Torre now and get on with life.

That sounds like a great plan to me, Chris!

That game SUCKED!!! I don't really care about football, but generally things at work are better if the Packers win. (I live in Wisconsin, we're Packer Backers) However, for this game I really wanted them to win, just so the Jets would lose! Our weather guy likes the Jets. Since we all hate him, we want his sports teams to lose! He's going to be gloating for the next two weeks straight. ACK!

I'm hoping for a Packers vs. Raiders superbowl. I will be cheering for the Raiders of course but the Packers are my second favorite team.

If it makes you feel any better, console yourself with the fact that there's no chance of The Tuna getting his grubby mitts anywhere near the Packers head coaching job next season.

There aren't a lot of teams that can boast that. Poor souls...

If not, then take it out on me. After all, I'm disturbingly weird, a Niners fan, British AND left-wing (I think), and the angry pitchfork-wielding mob that generally follows me around is on paid disability leave after that incident when they accidentally burned a windmill down, and got hot splinters all over their legs. Those suckers chaffe too.

So, yeah, I think I got a spare few minutes...

The day Parcells coaches the Packers is the day I start watching Arena Football.

For more Parcell hating see here

Um, that link there....

I feel like the kid playing with the sheet of paper that says PTO on both sides. Is it for a different site, or am i meant to reload the same page?

Ok, Crimson Cow, we crown you Technodumbass. Now rise...

I usually root for the cheeseheads, but today the Browns fans were also Jets fans....Sorry!

I fixed the link.

Yay, I successfully said nothing of note at another site...

Thanks for the link. It's always good to rant about Parcells. He boils small babies in pots for his army of devils, y'know...

I would love the opportunity to hate Parcells in Detroit.

You'll cheer up immediately when you see who the Pack drew in the opening playoff game: that's right, my beloved Atlanta Falcons. They almost pulled one out in week one, but in January? At Lambeau? Only the most naive Falcons fan will think they have a shot, and after 30 years of following that cursed, I mean, erratic team, I know better.

And I was hoping I could talk some trash with ya. Oh well.