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Ten Most Intriguing Bloggers of 2002

In the comments on my post about People's most intriguing people of 2002, Sunidesus suggested having a 25 most intriguing bloggers poll. How...intriguing.

25 is probably too many, so let's go with ten.

Now, let's remember - unlike People Magazine - the meaning of intriguing:


adj 1: disturbingly provocative; "an intriguing smile" [syn: challenging] 2: capable of arousing interest or curiosity

So the most intrgiuing bloggers would not be the ones who are the most popular, or the most prolific or the most recognizable. They would be the bloggers who are, obviously, disturblingly provacative, arouse your interest or curiosity or, in general bring you back to their site again and again because you are always wondering what they will say or do next. They make you think and make you want to leave comments or email them. They present issues that interest you or at least make you have an interest in something you previously did not. They make you want to know more about them, what makes them tick, what lies behind the words and the keyboard, even if you don't agree with them, even if you hate them.

Yes, they are intriguing right down to the specific definition of the word.

Nominate as many as you want and in a day or so, I'll gather up those with the most nominations and install a poll to come up with The Ten Most Intriguing Bloggers of 2002.

Make this worth my while or it won't go. I need several nominations by tonight or I'm going to blow the idea off, as I'm still working on the Required Reading 2002 list and that's been a bit of work.

Oh, try to give a reason with your nomination. I don't want twenty comments with people leaving links to their best friend's blogs, just because.


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See, that's going to be tough, because people find bloggers intriguing for a variety of reasons.

I'm only nominating two.

A.) Michele, ma belle, cuz I love to read your blog, and all the chit you put on here. So, for for variety and depth of content, asmallvictory.net!

B.) Nomination the second, Tampatantrum.com, for pure entertainment value, and for the BEAUTY prize (not the boobie prize - although I think it should get that too, due to the campaign earlier this year.)

So there.

I nominate Michael Barrish of Oblivio.com


Reason: Aside from intriguing, he is an excellent writer. I always am excited when he posts a new entry. He does not write about politics, nor does he write shocking material that is written for a cheap hit. He writes about things that have happened to him, life stories, etc. Oblivio is certianly capable of arousing interest and curiosity.

BTW he is not my friend nor have I ever met him.

If I were to pick ten:

Aaron of Uppity-Negro: Reads deeper into every word that makes you wonder if he can see through walls.
Michele of A Small Victory: Dares you not to comment.
Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs: Provokes with topics and fatwah-baiting.
Scott Koenig of IndePundit: Lures you into the holes in my analyses, then traps you when he tightens the snare.
Pretty Girl of Girls Are Pretty: Too insane not to wonder "Why."
Rachel Lucas: Absolutely brutal about every issue she takes a stand on.
Misha the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: A little too over the top at times and makes you wonder if there's a limit he won't cross.
Dawn Olsen of Up Yours: Shows you the wine bottle, lets you sniff the cork, and then smashes you in the face with it.
Scott Ott of Scrappleface: The ability to manufacture humor from fact is always fascinating to me.
Meryl Yourish: We know what makes her tick, but do we really know what makes her tock?

All are excellent, merciless writers. I'd be surprised if any of them had an unbroken mirror in their homes from the fury of their introspections.

I'd like to shamelessly nominate myself.

I'm not on the top of the foodchain. I'm not even a link on most people's blog, but I think I work hard to consistently give people something to make them think, entertain them, or just downright piss people off, and I don't go days without posting. Every day, usually a couple of times a day, and most of that time is spent thumbing my nose at the news, and various other idiots ;-)

Your consideration is appreciated, as I am the first person to shamelessly nominate myself :-)

I was gonna add me in my picks. Not too many people wage a one-man-war against a state, knock it on its ass, survive what I did, and make it all funny. But that would be terribly conceited of me... and I may be the ONLY person that finds me intriguing anyway. So I decided not to. (HINT HINT, people!). So here's my picks:
- Laurence Simon (Amish Tech Support) - Funny as hell, and uses satire as a formidable weapon against the truly stoopid and hypocritical..

- Michele (a small victory) - This girl don't take no shit from nobody! De-link her all you pansies want, she ain't going nowhere but up. (And great hooters too.).

- Nico (Negative Subspace) - Some very interesting discussion. Not afraid to post his political views, and is that really him, or is he better at photoshop than I am?

- Matt Rossi (Ezrael) - Whether it's fictional, political, or about his painful childhood... I walk away from a lot of his entries going "WHOAH!". One hell of a writer which makes me wonder why he wastes his time on us, when he can be making a fortune writing books.

- Faith (ctrl-alt-ego) - Always interesting when she's on the attack. The new keeper of the Orange. Her "New York Minute"s make me homesick every time.

- Deb Smouse (Sometimes I...) - Creator of the Glen Road Girls and a few other projects you know. A great writer, photogenic, and ANOTHER sexy comic book fan. The "Queen of Weblogs" as far as I'm concerned.

- Susan (BobTheCorgi) - Hilarious, creative, and a charmer. Also known as the Soup Lady. You just never know what's going to come out of her next... (also note: The one responsible for turning me on to Michele via "Raising Hell")

- Crazy Tracy (Crazy Tracy) - Aw come on, she can make you laugh, cry, and think... all in one post.

- Kimberly (The Sick Side) - She's had it rough, made some mistakes along the way, but most important of all A SURVIVOR. She tells it like it is, recapping moments in her life, with no apologies. Her series on being an inmate in L.A. County jail should be a MUST READ.

- Batgrl (Have A Cuppa) - The ever witty, mysterious, nefarious and sexy blogger from Gotham City. Always a ton of links for the bored surfer, and has made "Dongles" and "Slug Sex" household names.

Ah, thank you e! I'll agree with you on the Sicksider thing. That is a definite read that makes you go, "Hmm." I like the idea of provocative/intriguing blogs. I like a read that takes you somewhere you wouldn't normally get a view of, like Sicksider's prison series that details time spent in the LA County jail. I also like Pulp Friction because it's just damn good writing and Techfluid because, well, ditto the writing. There are bloggers who write and then there are writers who blog. And then there are people like me, who don't say much of anything and pull most of this crap out of his or her ass! Okay, I'm leaving. ; )

Small Victory - I can most relate to in every way and most subjects
The ville- visually appealling good content
Rachel Lucas- I love to hear her rant
Acid man- funny, good rant, loves when he calls himself "cracker". hate that he gave you a hard time though :)

I love the rants , but I like to be entertained and amused. It is like my break from work/kids

I don't know if my whole "Right Wing Teenage Canadian dual citizen Neocon Gay Warblogger" niche is enough to deserve a spot here, so I'm not going to nominate myself. I will however, nominate the following:

1) Warrin Ellis, die Puny Humans - a bunch of really weird shit and cool technology and culture links and pics, from a famed comic book writer.

2) Libertarian Samizdata - the only multinational colaberative blog I know that effectivly covers the issues by writer around the globe.

3) Arthur Silber - Because he just has really, really good comment section debates.

Juan Gato (JuanGato.com)

Mike Hendrix (ColdFury.com)

I nominate Juan Gato because I think his clever and useful neologisms and catchphrases will be remembered as long as Western Civilization stands, which should give him at least a couple more years. I nominate Mike Hendrix because of the bloggers I read regularly, he's the one I suspect could most handily kick my ass if he ever had a mind to, God forbid. (Not that any of them would find it particularly difficult.)

Several people have posted choices I'd make, but I have a couple no one else has listed yet:

Anna, of Belligerent Bunny Blog (http://petbunny.blogspot.com/) -- bunnies and modern weaponry, with a side of bad (very bad) films... how is that not intriguing?

Gene Expression (http://www.gnxp.com/) -- love 'em, hate 'em, or merely disagree completely with what they've got to say, this is one of the few blogs which takes evolutionary theorizing places where few dare to go, and points out some seemingly-logical inferences from scientific observations. Not only is that the paradigm of "disturbingly provocative" , but it's also about as non-PC as you can get... and I'd nominate it for that alone!

P.S.: howcome your comments section is eating my HTML code?

Oh, and Kim du Toit (http://www.kimdutoit.com/), because anyone who loves his guns that much has gotta be disturbingly provocative. Right?

It's eating your html because you were posting as I was fooling around with the comments template. Back to normal now. I think.

I have to second the nomination of the Belligerent Bunny Blog. Combining a defense of democracy, a love of technology, and a passion for bunnies ain't easy, but BBB makes it happen. The site: http://petbunny.blogspot.com/

I've got a couple

Halley's Comment - she makes me laugh, cry, and ponder life, and she needs to add comments!

Jeneane Sessum - a bunch of posts dealing with grief, love, loss, the joy of kids.

Of course our lovely host Michele has to be on the list too. You rant better than anyone!

i nominate
patti of i must. excellent. thoughtful, funny, tear jerking. always raw, and always excellently written.

dania of dania's dalies. she's funny. she's a hoot. doesn't get much better than her.


maggie of fluffy battle kitten. she's just always happily amusing :)

Laurence Simon.

I have to pick 9 more?

Fuck that, it's late. I'll do it tomorrow.

There are many great blogs, but I think these
are consistently among the most provocative:

Gene Expression (http://www.gnxp.com/). No wonder they're
anonymous; they'd get fired.

Critical Mass (http://www.english.upenn.edu/~oconnor/blog/). Erin O'Connor is as persistent as she is perceptive.

Dustbury (http://www.dustbury.com/). C.G. Hill always has something interesting to say, and he says it well.

Ipse Dixit (http://www.cdharris.net/). Same goes for C.D. Harris.

Dean's World (http://www.deanesmay.com/). Dean Esmay and company. Never a dull moment with Dean on the case.

Joanne Jacobs (http://www.joannejacobs.com/). Joanne is educating all of us about education.


Because it makes me feel like dancing...

kd, because every two weeks she's bringing another fascinating blogger aboard.

George. Aaron doesn't call him Giles for nothing. Mr. Giles is the research king.

Aaron of Uppity Negro is incisive, witty, and thought-provoking. Plus he gave me a supervillian name, and he made me Tara. So, y'know. I gotta.

There are many blogs I enjoy (such as this one.)

There are a few that are very, very good.

But Steven den Beste (uss.clueless) is nothing short of awesome. His essays are breathtaking.

For what it's worth.

Ok, does thiscount?

Probably not, but he's the closest thing to true greatness that I've ever seen...

Blah, blah. That wasn't really a surprise to hear me say that, was it? Hmm...

The nominees are:

Laurence Simon for Amish Tech Support. Because he's twisted and sick, two fine qualities that keep me reading.

Jay Caruso and Jane Finch for The Daily Rant. Some have referred to them as the Carville and Matalin of the blogosphere. I prefer to think of them as the Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtin - sharp, sarcastic, funny opposing viewpoints.

Andy and Tom for The World Wide Rant. For consistently being amusing.

Meryl Yourish for Yourish.com. Anyone who can write things like Hulk Smash and Superhero Dating Ratings deserves a nod.

Jack Cluth for People's Republic of Seabrook. Always a slightly twisted outlook on current events that keeps me reading.

The Bitch Girls--I wish I had been that damn smart when I was their age.

Rodger Schultz "Curmudgeonly & Skeptical"--the blog is diverse, funny, conservative, controversial. Lots of links.

Ten picks?

Well, I have to nominate myself, because the Rottweiler is the craziest sumbitch I've ever known and so intolerably full of himself that I cannot help but be intrigued by him. If nothing else, then intrigued with respect to how offensive he might decide to be next.

Then there's Laurence, of course, simply because he's ALMOST as crazy as myself and capable of pounding out one provocative and hilarious post after another for what seems to be 25 hours a day. He's also the only reason that I never cross the line because, whenever I get ready to, I always find him over there with a picnic basket and a bottle of tequila, wondering what the Hell took me so long.

Then there's Michele, because I'm seriously worried that she could kick my ass in a second should she ever want to.

Rachel for being one of the most seriously peeved off, no mercy, take no prisoners female bloggers that I know of. Oh, and because she's awesomely cool.

Bill Whittle has got some of the best essays on the Internet up (yes, that comparison includes those of Steven den Beste's) and he writes well enough to make me green with envy.

Bill Quick, not because of his popularity, but because of his unwavering commitment to his principles, no matter WHO they may offend.

LGF for being an invaluable source of information about the "Religion of Peace", information that our own press are doing all they can to avoid mentioning. Not to mention that he's a liberal with brains, which is always a fascinating combination, rare as it is.

Rantburg because he constantly provides links and news that you simply would not find if it wasn't for him. He digs through so many out-of-the-way newssources every day that it's a wonder to me how he manages to live as well.

Meryl, who is the sweetest, kindest person you can imagine, until somebody brings up the subjects of Palis, Arafat and intifadas, which turns her into The Hulk immediately.

And finally, though I could go on, Frank, who is just a friggin' genius, in my Imperial opinion. The way he manages to make a serious point without ever being serious time after flippin time amazes me!

How about The Last Page? When Page is in a groove, there's no stopping her. Fortunately, she's been in the groove a lot recently, which means lots of hysterically funny posts.

Conrad at Gweilo Diaries. Why: exotic travel, cultural insights, sexual misadventures, political rants, self depreciating humor. and creative use of profanity.

What more could a girl want?

the prize should have to go to Frank at

If for nothing other than his "Nuke the Moon" plan. Genius.

also, the Emperor Misha I, (sorry my Emperor for putting Frank first, please don't send the Imperial Stormtroopers)

And of course, the talented blogmistress of this wonderful site.

My picks in no order are:

Amish Tech Support for its depth, openness and humour. Just when you're smiling and "awwwwing" at a cute Edloe story, he smacks you in the face with a sharp evisceration of some dork-brained opinion on Palestine. Then he offers you a pretzel while you laugh at the thought of the Hearse o' Prizes in the Dead Pool...what's not to love?

A Small Victory because michele is smart, funny, complex, and has the best damned home page graphics in blogdom.

skippy because he's just plain fun while making a point...and he makes great points. "Ann-thrax"....I love it.

Scrappleface. Ott's humour is deadly, and his imaginative use of it to lampoon fact is delightful.

Plum Crazy. No, I'm not blogrolling....Lesley is smart and gut-splittingly funny (check out the "google fight" if you don't believe me), and never exploits herself to make a point. And her Mom posts there too.

Church Central. Sean's send-ups of Homeland Security are wonderful.

Daily Pundit because just when I'm muttering, what kind of stupid reactionary post is THAT, I read Bill's next one that I totally agree with. How dare he!

Right Wing News because it's so smart and witty...except when it's goring liberals...hmmm that's most of the time....okay, even when it's goring liberals.

Rittenhouse Review Smart, complex, and even though he's the object of derision on some blogs for some of his posts, I think he's principled and always interesting.

I'll save one for later.

I have to go with Steven Den Beste and Acidman. What a strange combination.

The in-no-particular-order ten, straight from the home office in Coon Rapids, IA:

Laurence - Funny, he doesn't write Jewish
Juan Gato - Drinking and blogging are a match made in heaven
Vicky - Warning!! Bias Alert!
Tim Blair - Just for telling Michael Moore to go to hell in a national newspaper
Rita - Lawyer, Grandmother, pretty damn funny
LGF - Assured of being the first blogger with a price on his head
World Wide Rant - We're breathlessly awaiting delivery of the World Wide Runt
Acidman - Bizarro world Ted Turner
Scott Ott - A worthy successor to Satirewire
Michele - I'm intrigued that someone would want to do all of this work

One that definitely should be on the list is Bill Cimino, who has the single most unique stories I've ever seen online. His "What Would Jesus Say?" art exhibits are pure sacriligeous genius. Not to mention his gay cat, or his Unbelievably pithy Mother-In-Law, Madonna.

amish tech support because i can't stop going back even tho laurence pisses me off twice a week and thinks i'm an idiot.

a small victory because she's the soul that keeps us all sane.

ordinary morning because she's beautiful and brave and crazy. and she's the one that makes me laugh or cry every day.

the gweilo diaries because he loves me. shut up. i take love wherever i can get it.

fluttergirl because she's a gorgeous redhead who drives a semi, and she was the first person i got to really, honestly adore and call a friend, online. and she loves gin.

jill matrix because she's brilliant and i think she really understands how love works. and i'm hoping it'll rub off on me.

vodkapundit because he's the first warblogger who took me in, and the one who made me brave enough to talk politics. sometimes.

up yours because she has such a nice way of being really angry.

candi (spitfire, smartass, bitchyface), who is long gone, because she was my mentor in this realm. and i miss the hell out of her.

i'm going to save my last one, because i know i'm forgetting something...

I'd nominate www.theradical.com. It's a little blog that covers prejudice in Europe--everything from the disgusting treatment of immigrants to anti-Americanism. It's a wake-up call that reminds me of the stark differences between the Old and New Continents, and keeps me up to date on articles (many of them translated) that I would otherwise miss.

Also, I would nominate www.windowinlebanon.blogspot.com (note that it's in French). This one doesn't focus on Europe (you can guess its focus from its name) but it offers a unique perspective on an oft-ignored part of the planet.

I'd nominate www.theradical.com. It's a little blog that covers prejudice in Europe--everything from the disgusting treatment of immigrants to anti-Americanism. It's a wake-up call that reminds me of the stark differences between the Old and New Continents, and keeps me up to date on articles (many of them translated) that I would otherwise miss.

Also, I would nominate www.windowinlebanon.blogspot.com (note that it's in French). This one doesn't focus on Europe (you can guess its focus from its name) but it offers a unique perspective on an oft-ignored part of the planet.

What? No one is nominating Wil Wheaton???

Sorry - I couldn't resist. I'm not nominating him either.

Since we're supposed to cough up a list, here is mine, in no particular order:
  • Victoria Sclafani-Drachenberg, Liquid Courage (intellectually curious and frighteningly attractive)
  • John "Akatsukami" Braue, Rat's Nest (as thoughtful a grouch as you'll ever see)
  • Marc Lundberg, Quit That (writing his own blog software ensures his inclusion here)
  • Scott Ott, ScrappleFace (the funniest man alive, possibly even after he's dead)
  • Edward, lactose incompetent (a gentleman and a scholar, and a man with a past or two)
  • Susanna Cornett, Cut on the Bias (like the onion of yore, no matter how much you peel, there's still more)
  • Fred First, Fragments from Floyd (imagine Garrison Keillor with a sense of humor and a sense of priorities)
  • Jessie Rosenberg, Discriminations (she posts so little that she invites curiosity on that basis alone, and besides, she's a 16-year-old college junior, which ditto)
  • The pseudonymous Cinderella Bloggerfeller (an intellectual, a European, and yet not a leftist goofball)
  • Arthur Silber, The Light of Reason (fears no argument from anyone, anywhere, on anything)

Heather, Pure as the Driven Slush -- because of thought-provoking posts about sex education/sexual health (not just for teens, but for everyone). Her post from December 27th (most recent as of now) is a must-read, and I'm not saying that lightly.

ummm...i kinda like my blog. I emailed you why. i'm just a rook though at this blogging thing. still learning.

1. Scrappleface - because he stole my idea
2. IMAO - because of his Rumsfeld bashing
2. Instapundit - always gets me reading more and links to many good sites I otherwise would not find.
3. Amish Tech Support - because of constant creativity
4. Acidman - because he is addictive
5. Rachel Lucas - because she has the best comments who really get you thinking
6. Eject Eject Eject - because Bill Whittle totally changed my mind about guns.
7. The Rant dot Info - because of some great essays that defy popular opinion.

I forgot about Misha. I disagree with most of what he says, but he's intriguing.

War Liberal. I love Mac's site. It's a regular read, even if he does tend to favor fish too much.

Little Green Footballs.


Doc Weevil. Who else in the blogosphere can match Victor Davis Hanson classic reference for classic reference?

Imshin. An Israeli mother, blogging about life in Israel. Fascinating, uplifting, depressing, stirring--she does it all. From Israel. While dealing with the constant threat of terrorism.

Oh. I also VOTE FOR MYSELF, slut that I am.

That's Acidman again, darlin.'

I would like to point out a few sites that have been intriguing me for years. They all were born before blogging was as well defined as it is now. I think it's fair to say that they're all bloggish, they're all intriguing and they're all missing from most blogrolls I see.

The Best Page In the Universe: 6176369 people think he's right about everything.

The Shanmonster: Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Envy, Pride, Anger and Avarice

Molly's Website: Molly is my favorite writer on the whole God foresaken interweb.

What with bloody-minded war-mongering and delinking and general bad craziness going on all over this place, it's fair to say Michele at A Small Victory has been pretty damn intriguing this year.

Mischa, my anger management counselor.

Here's the deal,..I'm more a lurker cause I can't figure out the techical shit on HTML, and I can't afford front page. HOWEVER, I'm readin' all you folks, and I know whats th' haps.
In no particular order :
Gut Rumbles--Acidman
Cold Fury
Shots Across the Bow
Letters From the Olde Countrie
The Homeless Guy
USS Clueless
and as always: Grandpa pundit...
Dr. Glenn Reynolds

I would have to say Steven Den Beste. I enjoy Misha and LGF, and both are important, but reading Den Beste often makes me think... and learn.

That's something I'd long given up on expecting mainstream media to do.

AcidMan's GutRumbles.com because he really lays it out there and he always cracks me up. He's scathing sometimes, but he's a hoot to read.

Dusbury.com Charles Hill's Dustbury.com because he writes so well and always has something really interesting to write about.

Joanie's DaGoddess.com because she visits and comments on EVERYONE'S blog and that goes a very long way in my book.

Kevin Holtsberry's KevinHoltsberry.com because he's another good writer that works hard to find the great local nuggets that I always seem to miss.

Colby Cosh I really enjoy Colby Cosh. He's got a very unique style, he hand codes his blog and I'm fascinated with the Canadian perspective of his posts.

Silflay Hraka Silfla Hraka is a very prolific blogger and his topics and sense of humor inspire me.

RavenWood's Universe Steve is another excellent writer that takes on the difficult topics and he almost always hits them just right.

here's a late vote for Space Waitress Gate A, by the Space Waitress. Always a good read, and a great name!

Since I'm still pretty new to this whole blog thing, there are a lot of great ones I haven't read. I've struck up some nice correspondence with some nice folks like Devra at Space Waitress Gate ABlue Streak, Joanie Da Goddess , Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag at Bloggety-Blog-Blog-Blog and Bill Sherman at Pop Culture Gadabout.

And of course, you, Michele.

Oops. Make that Devra at Blue Streak.

I nominate B4rb - http://www.b4rb.com. Not only does she have some good streaming cams and some great blogs but she also gives advice on beauty/hair/skin. Awesome chickie all around.

Jim Treacher. He's been so sporadic this year that it almost seems like he's up to something.

Oh, and me. No one knows who the hell I am - that's intriguing, right? Right?




Ri-oh, screw it. Just Jim, then.

Acidman was nominated already... I also would have to vote for Disco the Kid... definitely two of the most intriguing bloggers.

As for girlies, definitely Random Jane and when she updates Nicole definitely ranks up there.

I'd have to nominate jf Cates.

Well, if YOU don't count.... that leaves:

Bigwig at Silflay Hraka - Prolific and with a great mind...I can't quite tell if it's been left out in the sun too long, though...

Hoopty at HooptyLoops - You said intriguing, not rational, right?

wKen at wKenShow (currently on a break) - How could anyone that can switch gears from a detailed description of his latest sexual encounter to a full-on rant about media pressure that drives girls to eating disorders NOT be intriguing?

Miguel at Feral Living - He makes ballroom dancing sound intriguing...

Mordant Carnival at dog carcass in alley this morning... - Her site intro says: "I hate you. I hate you with a bile and ferocity unequalled since the dawn of time. I hate you with a passion so deep and scarlet and enduring it looks like Love with his heels behind his head. This is where you find out why. Now, where is my beer? More to the point, why aren't you paying me to do this?" I find that extremely intriguing.

Laurence at Amish Tech Support - Try taking yourself seriously with him. Go ahead. I'll wait. Back already?

Shelley at Burningbird - She puts us all to shame with her prose.

Jack at The People's Republic of Seabrook - He puts himself to shame with his prose. Wait, that's not it. Actually, he's the reason I haven't turned in my lefty credentials.

The Truth Laid Bear - Disagree with someone? Yes. Be nasty about it? No. That's what I like at TLB. Rational, intelligent argument. Even if I do feel like a lamb at a wolf convention whenever I go there...

(I am not intriguing, dammit! You people are insane!)

In No Particular Order:

Sofia Sideshow--Intermittent postings, but always intriguing
Brothers Judd--Literate but not pretentious
Dr. Weevil--ditto
Rachel Lucas--A REAL DAME!!
Reverse Cowgirl--Disturbing erotica
USS Clueless--Always though-provoking
Number 2 Pencil--One of the best edu-blogs around
Tightly Wound--A healthy dose of ranting when I need it
Juan Gato--Perverse and always good for a laugh
A Coyote At The Dogshow--Blogging direct from the hinterlands of Wyoming

In no particular order.

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
A Small Victory
Rachel Lucas
The Ville
Right Wing News

I nominate :

Acidman (gut rumbles) > Raw, painfully truthful, funny

Jen (Greatest Jeneration) > Fiery, mixes it up, knows the enemy

Colby Cosh(Colby Cosh) > Good and original thinking

Belligerent Bunny(BBB) > Iron fist in a velvet glove. Bunny rabbits and high performance weaponry.

David Sims(Clubbeaux) > Intelligent, ponders on issues that I like to think about

Tex(Whackingday) > Irreverent and engaging Aussi perspective

Michele(asmall victory) > High temperature rants

Derek Sapphire(Fight Fire with Sapphire) > Torches leftists and the P.C crowd with their own language with such dryness, many believe he is a kook. Unwaveringly in character.

I'm nominating myself because I'm the only blogger that isn't a kissass.

I swear I always got my term papers in with 0.01 seconds to spare!

I nominite Nicole at "go fish" (I never know whether to grab Kleenex or Depends before reading her site).

And Yvonne at "Aged and Confused" for many of the same reasons -- and because after meeting her in person, I'm in even more awe of her (even if she can't always see that in herself).

Will you kick my ass if I say you, too? ;-)


I nominate me,.

pulls out sock puppet

I 2nd that.

very good, all shall vote for me! Quanta.

there is slice of chocolate cake (with cream) in it for you...


Nominations - Back to Basics Bloggers:

Kathy Kinsley
Kim du Toit
Rachel Lucas

I'd like to nominate:

Colby Cosh for reasons already mentioned, but also because he links to not only InstaPundit but also to favourites like 2 Blowhards and Andrea Harris

And my favourite Salon Blog to read is this one

Kathy Kinsley et al



Jeff @ Alphecca

Greg Hlatky @ A Dog's Life

Suman Palit

Kathy Kinsley et al



Jeff @ Alphecca

Greg Hlatky @ A Dog's Life

Suman Palit

The Acidman - just because.

Too late to count, I nevertheless want to raise a peep for:

abuddhas memes

It's so thoughtful, and different, and principled, and to me, always interesting.

I don't find any bloggers really "intriguing", so no votes from me.

Just a (very) few are enjoyable (eg. Acidman, Frank at IMAO) and a few more (eg. Den Beste, Bill Whittle) are philosophers. All the rest, myself included, are opinionated blowhards.

Not that there's anything wrong with that -- blogdom is more interesting than the newspapers and TV.

Have I mentioned enough that she's the Queen? Never!

All in favor of banning my blog from ever being considered for such an award, please signify by saying I VOTE FOR blogoSFERICS!!

God, that makes it sound like Stacy's Queen Blowhard...doh!

I know, I know, to the back of the cave with me... :(


She's got a different view on everything;. Great read. Go there.


I nominate 2 blogs from people whose writing I admire as well as their ideas:
- EjectEjectEject - Bill Whittle's site
- AndrewSullivan.com

i've gotten so many new reads from this slew of comments, i now have no time to do anything but read blogs. i'll let you know when i get fired. but thanks.

and happy new year. may it be the best ever. hug!

i'm not playing, because you're all a bunch of A-Listers.

in other words, i'm pissed cuz nobody nominated my sorry ass.

Nominations - Back to Basics Bloggers:

Kathy Kinsley
Kim du Toit

I nominate LDS

I nominate Discountblogger.com. The name is funny. So is the blog, on occasion.

Plus, he's a gay conservative. Not too many of them.

www.glogdogs.com is a cool one