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lies, damn lies and conspiracy theories

It's been a while since I trolled my bloglist of lefty conspiracy sites, so I took a stroll over to VOXnyc today.

Since we last visited Mr. Voxfux, it seems that some evil government type people swooped in on his headquarters, raided his house and stole all his computers and files.

Mr. V. lives on Long Island and I thought this odd that I never heard anything about on the local news, so I called up a friend who "knows about these things" to find out a bit more. My friend in the know had heard nothing about this startling news. I'm so surprised.

Anyhow, that's not my issue with Mr. V. today. The latest claptrap from his keyboard is his waging all out war on the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

This thread is for voxnyc's warriors to share your strategies and tactics and victories on how to disrupt, divert, and cause dissent among their ranks. Think big. Go after the largest mediums possible - CNN, Fox, New York Times, but don't forget about two-bit crackpots like Rush Limbaugh and the other talk radio nutcases. And of course don't forget to attack some of the big conservative Internet forums that hide under the cover of names that they've hijacked and perverted - names like patriot, liberty, heritage, family. Of which these scoundrels have nothing to do with. You know the ones. The bigger the better. Infiltrate, pose as one of them and attack. I financed the disruption of Roudolph Guiliani’s weekly radio program for years - the screeners there kept trying to filter out my associate but he would expertly disguise his voice, acting like a suitable sycophantic fan of Guiliani, and get right past the screener only to blast the lying fraud Guiliani every week.

Lets make it a democratic tradition to take these bastards to task, have fun and excitement - but make it smart and clever - remember, the goal is to expose this lying filth for what they are and awaken the sleeping masses to what’s really going on. So don't alienate your intended audience - the American people. NO ANTI AMERICANISM - JUST ANTI LYING FILTH.

Now, here's my favorite part: Be intelligent so that you emerge as a hero and not the enemy. Do it with style. Remember, crashing some blowhard like Rush Limbaugh's radio program and pegging him for the blowhard that he is, is 100% legal.

News flash, Voxie: People who call radio shows just to clash with the host of the show or call him names are generally not seen as intelligent, nor do they come off as heroes unless, of course, your kind of hero is the type of person who thinks he wins points by name calling.

These New World Order retards are histories' single biggest group of fuck up's ever.

Oh, retards! I love your fifth grade vocabulary, Vox. And by the way, it would be fuck ups, not fuck up's. Intelligence, dear Voxie. Try it. Also, if the Republicans the Right are the single biggest group of fuck ups ever, what does the November elections say about the far left and the Democrats they wanted to elect? What do you call someone who falls below fuck up?

(Remember the old man Bush Sr. - He's so pumped full of psychoactive pharmacuedicals - Has been since his days as VP - that all he can do is screw up. I suspect the son is a big pharmaceudical user as well. (Although I cannot be sure))

That's pharmacueticals. Also, I hate double parentheses. Next time try using brackets for parenthetical material inside of other parenthetical material. Or maybe next time, try not to make statements you can't back up with nothing more than "I cannot be sure."

Now for the comments on Vox's call to arms:

how do you think most americans will do this though? The best most can do is watch donahue, a left-leaning program

Ha. Hahahha. Excuse me while I choke on my coffee. Do people still watch Donahue? Hasn't he been cancelled?

If you suggest for example that Sept 11th was carried out by the Government you are usually viewed as a conspiracy nut but hold fast to your beliefs and give it to the dumb fucks anyway you can.Most of the UK media channels have forums where you can spread the word of what really happened on Sept11th and the true direction that the NWO is leading us.

Pray tell, what really happened on September 11? Are there people who really believe this crap? Even I, who was still a (small l)iberal at that point, dismissed any theories that 9/11 was carried out by our own government.

Maybe you could contact the NATION OF ISLAM and ask them to post some of your articles on their website www.finalcall.com.I'm not a member of the Nation I'm a big supporter and a big fan of Minister Lewis Farrakhan.

No comment necessary.

I stopped reading the comments at that point because most of them were incomprehensible. As I looked at the post below the one linked above, my eyes gazed upon a picture of New York City backed by a mushroom cloud. Intrigued, I decided to -against my better judgment - read the article.

Secret US Based Forces plan to ignite Nuclear Bomb in New York
as pretext for global power grab
by voxfux

The analysis is clear - The sheer volume of the psychological info-warfare now being released into the media and principally targeted at the American people contains within it key indicators that point to an eminent inside attack.

After a large section of New York has been destroyed and contaminated, Americans in the midwest and south will rally in outpourings of emotion and support for the mass exodus of New Yorkers to different parts of the country. Americans will be glued to CNN as it delivers the gripping images of a valient George Bush fearlessly entering the radiation perimeter in full radiation gear, (the best available) live. Then after a commercial break (And terror warnings for Homeland "Security" and the TIPS "snitch on your neighbor program") we will focus on the compassionate George Bush visiting a hospital where a young girl, suffering from radiation sickness, is being treated. We can see the American people in a rage of anger. Fraudulent polls will show 97% of Americans want to use nuclear weapons on some country - any country. And we can see the rousing images of Bush and his running mate, probably Rudolf Guilianni, during the next election as they sweep across the South and Midwest locking up state after state sailing to an easy victory.

This is almost certainly how it’s going to play out.

Then it goes on and on and on, and endless litany of things that even most democrats I know would shake their heads at.

George Bush, Sr. planned the assasination attempt on Ronald Reagan.

All the news is fake, handed to reporters directly from the CIA.

If Bush's popularity goes down, he will have his operatives plant a "dirty bomb" in the U.S. in order to get his approval rating up again.

Bush will have dirty bombs planted in the Northeast in order to get people to migrate south into Texas, thus making the local Texas economy boom.

When the article started using words like "gatekeeper" and "doppleganger," I gave up.

My question is this: What kind of people follow someone like Vox? I view him as a cultish figure; mysterious, benevolent to those who follow him, yet ruthless to those who don't. He has given no definitve proof for any of his beliefs and most of his rantings are nothing more than far left propaganda. So why would anyone take his word at truth? Is the distrust in American government so ingrained in the readers of that site that they would believe anything Vox put out before them?

Do you believe any of it?


Loved the rant. By the way, it's pharmaceutical, but I'm sure your error was just a typo.

You did miss one error, however. It should be history's, rather than histories', in the infamous f*ck up's sentence. Unless, of course, he was referring to multiple histories, which is a distinct possibility -- real history and the convoluted revisionist brew he's peddling.

Keep up the great work. I love this place.

People who think that reporters have their stuff handed to them by the gov't crack me up! They've obviously never worked in a real newsroom. Press releases and other stuff from politicians or other government people are treated as VERY suspect and usually as a politician looking for some free media exposure.

I love coming here, you've got the best rants.

Um, is it bad that I have absolutely no interest in Vox's conspiracy theories unless he looks just like Mel Gibson??

This guy gives crack addicts a bad name. Lay off of the PCP/crack/LSD/heroin and you may be able to see what is really going on in this country.

The mere fact that he misspelled both "Rudolph" and "Giuliani" should make all of his research suspect.

What research, you ask? Damned if I know....

Damn. Someone who makes even Hesiod look coherent!

I thought I'd never see that...


What would we do without you? Ripping the mindless drivel apart for us, like the way mom used to cut our meat for us, into bite-sized pieces. Ahh...

thanks for not grinding them into gruel, as no one likes gruel. :)

Why I keep coming back, 3 times a day (plus snacks).


I don't know about you, but there is a lot on that site that makes a lot of sense. You all sound like a bunch of mindless brown nosers sucking up to the webmaster. Why.
Have any of you actually read a single article on the voxnyc.com site? Before you write them off you might take a peek. They are very well written and argued and sound like they might be the truth.
Just my two cents - sorry I do not agree with you just because you want me to agree with you. You people need to get a life, and a brain.

Hey... lighten up!

Vox was probably just in a mood to express and emote. Maybe vox just reads and puts together puzzle pieces and then, while the epiphany hits, he just sits down and cranks. Maybe he is a little drunk, who knows, who cares... it's time to wakeup.

The Vox writings are completely whicked!
But the site seems to have dissappeared.

Go to the Web site : totse.com and look at the story from Bryan Dean Watson about the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. Although this started out as just an interesting search for me, this testimony from this man seems legitimate. Maybe someone out there can corroborate his story.

One thing that Vox is absolutely right about is that dinner date which had been planned between Neil Bush and Scott Hinckley the day after the assasination attempt. Another item he's hit correctly is the fact that the story was suppressed on an enormous level. At one point I went back to old newspaper records and did some checking. The story is there (in the April 13th, 1981 edition of Newsweek to be specific) but it's only given a small blurb at the wrong end of a story which numbers ten pages, give or take a page. Other newspaper records from that two week block surrounding the events give plenty of coverage as to the attempt and about the Hinckley's but avoid mention of that planned dinner date completely.

All of this proves nothing but does raise a lot of questions, questions which were never asked. Videotape of the attempt makes the whole thing look pretty amateurish which suggests that Hinckley may have acted alone. Events which occurred prior to that such as his arrest in Nashville for carrying firearms through an airport and subsequent release with only a 62.50 fine do suggest someone was looking out for him–apparently he already had a history of mental insability. This still proves nothing.

But ....

It came out later that there were strong ties between the Bushes and the Hinckley's. It also came out that Hinckley Sr. had donated heavily to George Sr.'s run for office, that his company was in trouble and that he would have fared better under Bush than he did with Reagan. At very least those ties should have been thoroughly investigated. They weren't.


He's also right about the Bush ties within the Carlyle Group, their ties to defense contractors–they own United Defense–the Bechtel Corporation and others. Bechtel is one of the names that's come up in the lucrative business of rebuilding Iraq. The main players involved in the Missile Shield program, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Gruman and Raytheon all donated heavily to Republican coffers. That promises to be a huge financial weight on the shoulders of the American people (about sixty billion dollars if both installations are completed) and, last I read, has yet to have a test run completed successfully.

But, the campaign contributors profit.

This list could go on forever, there's just that much dirt.

Does anyone realize that the largest contributor to this administration was Enron? They tossed 1.8 million to Republican coffers. So far we haven't seen any of their big guns in court. As well, just before Bush Jr. took office (that was stolen for him but that's another story) there was a bill in the works which could have scrapped degregulation of energy in the State of Texas. One of Bush's first moves was to scap that, a move which netted an eighty-seven million dollar profit for Enron.

At the end of the day these people look as if they should be in jail instead of public office. That dinner date should have been investigated.


Just Checked out the voxfux.com website.
Wow! Pretty incredible stuff there. Thanks for turning me on to that site.