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best of is a subjective term

In reference to my collecting the best of the blogs and related stories for 2002, someone asked if I had my own personal favorite post from this year - something I wrote.

I don't know. I never thought about it and I didn't intend to put one of my own posts onto the list.

Do you have a favorite, something I wrote that made you think or laugh or want to drop an anvil on my head?


Yup.........."best of" is a subjective term. I think they all are best, although, I am not a comic book fan:). I ALWAYS appreciate the ass-reaming one's the most, though. To me, picking one of your best is like picking a favorite food. Lima Beans are my least favorite but I'll eat them. I just enjoy lobster with budda bedda.

AAAAAAAnd, BTW, I am NOT up at 1 AM on a Saturday night/Sunday morning kissing Michele's ass. I post Pacific time and that's 9 pm. ................ ok, so it's 9 pm on a Saturday and I'm kissing Michele's ass...........

Oh yeah- something different for you Sondra :)
I was actually looking thru achives last night and realized I didn't "discover" A Small Victory until October or November and I love them all too. I feel like you cover a lot of what I can relate to, VRWC, kids, music... So often, I just can't believe you are thinking what I'm thinking even the WEIRD stuff!

a couple favorites:

last call for hate mail
in defense of freedom
Action Figures Caught on Cam Part 4: Thanksgiving