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destroy capitalism, but wait until you drop a few bucks at my bar

So, a guy walks into a bar.

Say, it's called The DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

Now, say this DNA Lounge has an ATM machine.

Guy walks up to the ATM machine so he can get some money to spend on drinks at this establishment. As he inserts his card, a message -one of several different messages - appears on the screen.

Suprise suprise:
The government lies

He takes his card out and tries again, wondering if he saw right. Another message flashes:

Destroy capitalism: Smash the state.

The guy looks around, waiting for a punchline. And then he realized, there is no punchline.

The owner of the DNA Lounge has programmed the ATM machine to cycle through four different messages. The top of the screen always reads: SUBMIT - CONFORM - OBEY-MARRY AND REPRODUCE-NEVER QUESTION. The receipt the machine gives you after your transaction has a header that reads: SHOPPING IS NOT CREATING YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU OWN.

Now, the owner's opinion is his own and, as he has a contract to rent the ATM machine and he owns the space in which the machine resides, he has a right to state that opinion in whatever way he wishes. Even if it means shoving it in the faces of ever person who uses the ATM.

So, one would surmise that the owner of the DNA Lounge, by virtue of his messages in the ATM, would wish to destroy capitalism and he believes that spending your money on shopping is, how shall we say...evil. Or something to that effect.

Interesting concept for a man who owns a business which depends on people spending money.

$25 to get in the door if you would like to see their sex show which is -my word! sponsored by people who sell things. Presumably these items are sold for cash. Capitalism at work.

And what's this? The DNA Lounge website has a merchandise page!

DNA Lounge t-shirts have been authorized for mass consumption. Scientific tests prove that wearing Official DNA Lounge Merchandise makes you stronger, healthier, and more desirable. These fine products are available at coat-check every night we're open, or you can order them online, below.

Oh, yes. Very tongue in cheek. Very wry humor. But merchandise nonetheless. $15 a pop for these t-shirts that must be the very hippest in attire for San Fran anti-capitalists.

(but don't worry if you're buying DNA Lounge wear or spending money on drinks at our state-of-the-art bar because we only mean destroy capitalism as long and shopping sucks when it doesn't apply to the DNA Lounge making a buck off of you and the state may lie but we are still nice little people who conform to all state code laws because when we mean smash the state we only mean for you to do it, making you conform to our way of thinking, even if we don't follow it ourselves, because, after all, we may come off as free-thinking, far left, peace, love and classless society lovers, but we really are just money-loving capitalist pigs ourselves. But hey, that won't bring in the Bay area liberals now, would it?)

Well, that's what it should say.


A really mean person might be tempted to tell homeless people about the socialist bar that doesn't care if people can't pay.

Politics as marketing tool. Well that's hardly new. Oh, Bill's going for the dissenting dollar. That's a big dollar right now.

Everyone wants 'fuck everything' merchandise, despite it's obvious paradoxes. I have my hemp hat in the closet somewhere, and remember the joy i got from pissing off my teachers with it. Ah, the little things...

Actually, that ATM made me laugh. Would've been better tho if it just swallowed the card, and then printed a message saying 'you are not what you earn. wealth is not the road to happiness', then shut down.

Ah, the sea of blank faces...

The really funny thing: the DNA Lounge is owned by Jamie W. Zawinski (www.jwz.org), who made millions from stock options while he was there. So he's being ironic or something. Maybe.

Interesting that they don't have their patrons just "create" their own t-shirts.

OT:Waiting for our Kalifornia Konscience to decry the N. Korean return to nuclear energy sources (and the production of Plutonium)....(Jeopardy theme plays in background)

The DNA is SO 80's.

Seriously.....it's friggin empty.

How They Live of the place. I'm unimpressed.

Ratbastards. Jackasses. Reminds of the "No Logo" campaign, which features, natch, a logo, and the jerks who engage in a so-called "Buy Nothing Day." Fools.

The first rule of Fight Club is to never speak of Fight Club.........

This is so typical of south-of-Market hipsters. One of the things I don't miss about SF. (It's a great city except for about 85% of the people--including the mayor and the entire Bd of Supervisors).

well, this entertained me for a few moments during my free period...thanks.... i guess