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action figure theater

It's Friday night. The kids are at their dad's and Justin and I have some much needed alone time. So what are we doing? No, not that.

We are dressing our action figures up in Natalie's American Girl doll clothes.

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The Cave Troll shows off his "get in the kitchen and make me some pie" ensemble while Rob Zombie models the latest in patriotic footwear

"You come back here right this minute with that ring or I'll give you such a beating!"

We really need better hobbies.


I saw Mr. Zombie in concert just a few months ago. He only wishes he was that cool.

Michele, thanks for posting these! I'm so glad I'm not the only twisted mom who does stuff like this.

So wrong...but yet...so right.

And, just for NOT liking the snow:

You've been balled by Da Goddess!
Blogger Snowball Fight 2002!!!

I've NEVER followed rules well.

you don't need better hobbies, that's a GREAT hobby!! wanna borrow our sybil doll's straitjacket???

Um...have you guys ever actually considered going OUT on a Friday night?? Just a thought...

Staying in dressing up action figures is just...um...weird...but somehow fitting for you!

OH yeah...

It's Joanie's Fault.

"Of course I want pah!"

You know you're bored when...

That's hilarious.