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Bill Cimino and his express ticket to hell

Bill Cimino is going to hell. Again. Man, no one is going to burn in eternal flames like Bill.

Do not click if you are a)offended by the thought of the apostles giving each other handjobs or b) if you are drinking or eating. Swallow first. I'm sure Peter did.


And I thought my Baby Jesus impersonation was blasphemy ... Well, at least I know who will be standing in line in front of me at the Gates of Hell.

waves to Bill

Luckily, one can't go to christian hell if one doesn't believe it exists............
besides, if'n it ain't full of christians how bad could it be??

And all our friends will be there.

OK, I've reserved a first class compartment on the train. Have picnic baskets and assorted other goodies. Everyone invited.

Do they have broadband wireless internet access on the train? I want to bring my laptop and there is no point in that if we can't post.