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i love it when you call me barney!

Children uncover pornographic photo in music book

BERGENFIELD, N.J. -- Two young children who wanted to sing along with Barney the Dinosaur instead uncovered a surprise when they opened their music book _ a photograph of a man and woman in a naked embrace...Along with the English-language "Wilder Sex," she said the page included other adult movie reviews _ written in German _ that were rated with pairs of lips instead of the more common stars.

Once, when Natalie was the tender age of four and Barney was all the rage, I thought about putting scary pictures into her Barney books and videos, thinking that maybe she would be so horrified and traumatized I would never have to see that purple dinosaur again.

I just thought about it. I didn't do it.

The picture these kids found was hardly pornographic. But if you think about it, children their age are very impressionable. Some day, when one of those tykes is older and in the clutches of his very first naked embrace, an image of Barney will pop into his head and he'll be in therapy the very next day.

Publications International Ltd., the book's Illinois-based publisher, has had similar problems in the past and claims the China-based company that produces books is to blame for the errors.

See, it's all part of the Chinese government's subversive attempts to get Americans to stop being so obsessed with sex. Get them while they are young, and today's future sex addicts are tomorrow's impotent shock-therapy patients. Who can get it up when "I love you, you love me" plays in their head everytime they get close to a naked person?

While Publications International officials were not immediately available for comment, they noted in a letter to the family that the picture was not especially shocking.

"The material is no more graphic than what's seen on magazines, billboards and TV every day," the letter said.

Well, yea. But Mr. Rogers or Big Bird isn't happily humming in the background of Abercrombie and Fitch ads.



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You're so right. So. Right.

All China's fault. I'm blaming them for me not getting enough sleep, too.

You've been balled by Da Goddess!
Blogger Snowball Fight 2002!!!

Joanie. I'm sorry to do this, but I'm going to have to kill you now.

I particularly liked how they wanted reassurances that Barney is 'pure'. Yeah. Unh huh.

oh yeah Barney is pure... (fill in the blank)
I still hate Barney anyways, let's kill the purple freak! Chaaaaarge!

Barney pure?? Hardly. My grandson has a Barney book that has the little buttons with pictures...you know, you press the button & it says whatever the picture is...like "cat" or "fish". His favorite button which he presses over and over and over? "BJ"

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Actually, I'd rather let my kids watch porn than Barney. Ugh. I have an article somewhere by a child psychiatrist about how awful the show is. Maybe I'll dig it up and post it...

The thing that always worried me was what the little freak inside the purple monster was doing in there...

From the outside, he's just a fantastically annoying purple thing, but underneath all that furry padding, are your kids hugging and playing with a furiously masturbating pederast with tight nipple clamps and swastika tattoos? Did they do a background check on that guy? Did they check for vibrators up his ass when they pushed him on stage?

Ok, John, no more peyote for you. And that's the last time you're allowed to share your weird delusions with others. From now on, you stay in the cellar where you belong, y'hear?


I am an art director at Publications International,
and that story on the news is so funny.

I am actually in charge of designing most of the Barney books there, but that Sing-Along-Songs microphone book wasn't by me (thank God!)

I think odd pieces of paper get used for the book cover backing when it gets printed in China...that's the only excuse I can think of!

Man, everyone's gonna have something to say about this news @ the office when we get back from the holiday vacation.



Has anyone seen the Reinfather short for download lately? or the other two parts?