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today's (and 2002's) required reading

So this is what I'm going to do. Required Reading of 2002. Culled from the blogosphere and online news articles, and hopefully from a list sent in by all of you, I'll start posting the definitive list of required reading for the past year. No matter what your ideology, politic or point of view, if you felt something - a blog post, a news article - was especially important, profound or maybe just hysterically funny, please send it to me and I'll start compiling a year-end round up of what made us tick in 2002. You can either email me or leave a link here in the comments. I appreciate also if you leave a short note as to why this post/article was important to you or what it meant to you.

One of my favorite readers, Alistair McKay, sent me a list of articles that had an impact on him in the past year. So far, this one is my favorite and it is today's required reading, even if you read it already:

Goodbye, All That: How Left Idiocies Drove Me to Flee
by Ron Rosenbaum
(originally published 10/14/02 in the N.Y. Observer)

Goodbye to a culture of blindness that tolerates, as part of "peace marches," women wearing suicide-bomber belts as bikinis. (See the accompanying photo of the "peace" march in Madrid. "Peace" somehow doesn’t exclude blowing up Jewish children.)

Rosenabaum's personal farewell to the left certainly ranks among the best I've read this year; mostly because I came to have the same epiphany of sorts that he did.

If you have an article or blog post (yours or someone else's) that you feel should be among the year's required reading, please leave a link in the comments or email me.

(please note that html is allowed in comments. Do not leave long urls as it messes up the sidebar. If you don't know how to leave a URL in html, please email me instead)


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my required reading is
right here in small victory land

i am woman hear me roaaarrrrrrrrrrr

also like to stay current on how homophobic this world really can be by checking in at www.jillmatrix.com

merry chanukahmas to you


Here ya go... Definitely enough to make you go hmmmmm.

Asswipe was acquitted of murder... Then Asswipe admits to the murder.. Asswipe was then tried and convicted of perjury. Asswipe then requested (but was denied) shock probation. Asswipe is now requesting to be released pending an appeal..

Only in America

The web log LGF pointed me to this sad and honest post by an Israeli citizen and Holocaust survivor, Solly Ganor. He recounts a recent conversation with a young Arab about the present and future of Palestinian-Israeli relations. You have to scroll down a bit to get to the text of A Conversation on the Beach.

(My first html--who says old dogs can't learn new tricks!)

merry chanukahmas to you>>>


Look at this crap on Boondocks comic today (in the Houston "Barnacle", as local talk show host Chris Baker calls it).

Hmmmm... I wonder if that fella that does boondocks is a cannibal?

Everybody knows that blacks are cannibals, mexicans can fix cars, jews are cheap, scotsman reuse toilet paper, irishman are drunks, polish folks are stupid and southern republicans are racists.

Everybody DOES know that right?

(stoopid bigot)

My apologies for the long URL, Michele.

The article that I view as Most Required Reading for 2002 is this one:

It's thick. It's dense. I guarantee it will give you plenty to think about.

Great essay, Pearl. I enjoyed reading that.

So here are 2 French movies definitely worth watching. 1) The Paino Teacher. Be honest and tell if this one turns you on in any way. 2) My wife is an actress (proof that the French can have a sense of humor)

Too many to choose from. Click my name for a page I maintain.

A Secret History of the IRA

even if it is total crap.

By Ed Bologney...oops, sorry, Ed Moloney.

Happy New Year.

I'm really partial to this one.....or this one.

I'll have to go with Why I'm Still Pissed
by the Very Irreverend
Mike S
, Reflections
by Vicky, Noblesse
Obliged to Speak Drivel
by some lameass,
and for tear inducing, wrenching gut cramp causing laughter, Moxie's
post about her cat's
swollen "nether regions"

And a neutral ramachrihanstwanzaa to all!

Here's my nominee:


I would make this required reading for all college students... S. DenBeste of course...
Old Wine in New Bottles

I'd add all of the articles in Steven Den Beste's The Essential Library.

Lee Harris, "Al Qaeda's Fantasy Ideology," Policy Review #114

Peggy Noonan, "My Brothers and Sisters," The Wall Street Journal

Rod Dreher, "The Hole in the Skyline," National Review Online

Here's a good blog story!


This excerpt from Dan Savage's new book exposes how the right has been getting a pass on anti-Americanism as bad or worse than anything out of Sontag or Chomsky's holes. Everyone must read it:


You should also generally read everything by Dan Savage.

I could nominate dozens. Many would be from right here on your site. But one of my favorite reads this year was an article George linked earlier this month, entitled "Old South Goes With the Wind".

And, in the interest of shameless self-promotion, two of my own favorite posts this year were Sideshow and Unpretty.

P.S. The Boondocks is about the only (newspaper) comic I read and I think Aaron MacGruder is smart and hilarious. That day's strip was funny and I'm wondering what exactly was so offensive and why Lori thinks it was crap? Just wondering.

hmmm... I've read a lot of good articles this year. I feel sort of funny nominating one of my own but I spent a lot of time working on my September 11 post at my old blog. I actually started thinking about it in July. I was pretty worked up about it (or maybe messed up, I don't know) and I think it turned out okay. I managed to say most of what I needed to say.

Later I might come back and nominate something by someone else. Hard to narrow it down. :-)

I'm back, this time to suggest something someone else wrote. It took me over half an hour browsing through Andrea's archives to find the best rant I've read since I started reading blogs.

Does this count (It was written late 2001 but Samizdata shows it posted first thing 2002)? It is a touching post by Natalija Radic about running into a long lost love.

Does this count (It was written late 2001 but Samizdata shows it posted first thing 2002)? It is a touching post by Natalija Radic about running into a long lost love.

I'll nominate a couple: Persecution Complexes and Trent Lott.

An obligatory Den Beste piece: here.

I'd also nominate Bill Whittle's 3 essays "Empire", "Freedom" and "Honor". He's late to the party but he sure makes up for it in quality. (No direct links, I'm sure you can find them.)

Hesitating to nominate any of the drivel I write, I nevertheless think this semi-worthy of a read.

Law Prof. Larry Lessig sends out smoke signals that the Met Opera's lawyers are trying to demolish a fan's website. So a bunch of us rush over to Prof. Lessig's weblog to express our support and bafflement as to why the Met is trying to alienate its ever-shrinking fanbase by doing something dastardly like this. Enough surfers did this to make an impression on the attacking lawyers so that they reconsidered and changed their attitude. And the fan's website was saved.


I had to go get Prof. Lessig's weblog which I do not routinely read. Here it is:


Sorry about this, Michele, but here is the exact link from the Lessig Archives

Lawyers: Stop us before we kill again
(The MetManiac Matter)


I suggest this Coffee, tea or ...

Made me sick to my stomach and really worries me about what exactly they're teaching them in these baggage screener classes.

I have a list of articles that I keep for that very reason.

Some are in because they contain heavy weaponry should I ever get into a political discussion (hey, I play to win), some because they take unusual but compelling stances, and some because they say it like no other.

I've taken out the ones that are not of general interest.

Allow me to share:

Because it makes the ethical case for resisting crime... something you don't hear from the media under any circumstances.


Beacuse its frigging insane. Do I need a better reason?

Anti-idiotarian Economics. And you said econ was boring!

The case against Saddam

A rare insight into a manufactured 'scandal' BEFORE it breaks open. This is the guerilla warfare of politics... An illustration of how race politics are used as a weapon against non-racists.

I could have sworn that we won the Cold War. But the machinery
clanks on and on...

Its about Big Music.

Why GM foods save more lives than Jimmy Carter will ever dream of.

The end result of multicultralism rather than assimilation. The melting pot sound like a better idea now?

It is VITAL that you read this. Newspapers and TV news is trading the truth for media access. And its also happening in palestine...

Written over a decade before 9/11, yet explaining it perfectly... chilling.

How political correctness helped kill 3,000 souls. And will KEEP killing until it is stopped.

Acidman's "I Remember" (12/12/02) made me laugh and cry. Suppose that makes me a bigoted, Southern bastard too.

I think Oriana Fallaci's "The Rage and the
Pride" is a must read.
Here's a link to it on amazon.
Though some of it was written in 2001, the
English edition wasn't published until 2002.

"Commanding Heights" makes the dismal science interesting, AND it's available on Video. Gives the history of all the major attempts by governments to command their economies, and reports on the results.

I'm flattered by all the articles of mine which have been linked here. (Thanks, y'all)

If I might take the liberty, I happen to think that this article is the best one I've written. If anything of mine gets used, I would hope that this would be considered.

In respect to the suggestion of Bill Whittle's Blogs as required reading:




If you consider yourself a Free Man or Woman, if you believe in the goodness of the American Soul and love America, this is a must read of the first order. Beautifully written, and, thought provoking.


This is definitely a must read.

How could it not be, it starts with a quote from the sage Nelson Muntz, "Gotta nuke somthing."

and includes this passage:

Now all that’s needed to keep peace is to come up with new and creative ways of looking insane and belligerent without actually harming anyone. Missile defense is probably a good step in that direction. Next time some country steps out of line, we launch a nuclear missile at them. Just seconds before it hits, we blow it up with our missile defense so that everyone there sees the huge explosion in the sky. Then the president would just call up their leader and say, “Hey, we lost sight of our SDI test. Did you see if it worked?”

Mine is book; A Drinking Life: A Memoir
by Pete Hamill

To starmama...
I JUST saw your reference to my post... (haven't been back to see this post in a few days..)

Anyway, as to the offense of that cartoon, I think that Mike S. (post below mine) really summed it up well.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas... which to me is the South (some people think of Texas as the Southwest, some the South)... anyhoo... I also am Republican and have always been. I don't know about the God-fearing part (I have internal "struggles" about that whole issue). HOWEVER, my mom is definitely "God-fearing", born here in Houston herself, and Republican. She is in no way shape or form a bigot. She was little when there was still segregation here, and she LOUDLY on a bus one day asked her mom, "Why do they have to sit back there? That's not right!". Her favorite forms of music are classical and jazz... she LOVES jazz. When I was younger, I HATED rock music and listened to disco/soul-- I loved it 'cos it was so uplifting and positive. I used to watch Soul Train when I was little! Imagine that, a White Southern Christian girl listening to soul music! I was too young to be political, but I knew my parents politics were conservative. But race and things like that never came up in this house. Just politics. The conservative viewpoint that people ANY AND ALL can make it as long the government doesn't interfere. And I certainly was raised with an appreciation and respect for ALL people and cultures... by a Christian Southern Republican White woman. And, honestly, that IS the way here, at least in Houston. And I can think of many other well-known Southern cities that appreciate varied cultures... New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, just for starters. (Actually, to me it's New England that bears the "lilly-white" moniker.)

Maybe you saw the cartoon differently than I , but I saw it as a crass overgeneralization, which I thought liberals are all AGAINST.

And being in the South, I heard a Democrat make a joke about "Everyone should own one" and another one ask why his daughter wanted to go to college, anyway... she is a girl, right? (Both Democrats transplanted here from the NORTH.)

I know that people who are not from the South make all kinds of assumptions about us... and the liberals from here just feed it to the rest of the country for their OWN aggrandizement.

Hey... I forgot all about Kelly Caldwell's classic rant: DIE, COMMENT TROLLS, DIE!

Thanks for putting my story 'A conversation on the Beach' on your website. I am also an author who wrote the book recommended by Eli Wiesel, Light One Candle'. Many of my articles are circulating on the net. If you wish, I will send them to you.
I like most of your stories, comments, and ideas as expressed by various people.
You are doing a good job!

Solly Ganor

i realy need a paino teacher to help melearn hope you can help.