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mr. heat meiser

I'm calling a moratorium on snowballs. Next person that leaves a snowball image in my comments will find a flaming bag of dog shit on their front steps tomorrow morning.

Then again, if it wasn't for a comment snowball fight today, I would have had like three comments all day.

Still. Flaming bag of dog shit. You hear?


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I actually need a flaming bag of dog shit for my Flaming Bag Of Dog Shit Bread recipe.

michele, i don't recall hitting you with a snowball today. I was just tossing them at everyone who hit me first...lol but hey, a flaming bag of poo could be fun. I have a few trolls who need to get hit. =) hope that you had a nice christmas.

Um, since I don't have "front steps"...

I REALLY wanna throw a snowball...

But I don't have the image stored in my memory to paste anymore...so I'm not gonna. Lucky bastard.

Tracy's just a coward.

See? It wasn't a snowball!

You just knew it would be me, didn't you? I await your poo like a man! My snow fort is INVINCIBLE!!

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Just one more... 'cause I know you'd want to see this!

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EMAIL: Blou@yaho.com
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Bah. Spoilsport.
runs off to make flaming bag-o-dogshit cartoon


But it would be amusing as all hell to see you run from blog to blog leaving pictures of bags of flaming dog shit! (I typed blog shit first - nice slip, huh?) Heck, I'm just wondering if you got the Christmas light photos that I had to take just for you!

I don't throw snowballs. They melt here in Houston.

Oh hell.....didn't see this post. Sorry. But, that only makes me want to blast you again.....