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something something of the year

It's taking me a while to get back in the mood for blogging about war and terrorism and politics in general. Plus, these cretins keep throwing snowballs at me in my comments, but I took care of them good. I hid a nice sized rock in each snowball I threw back at them. That'll teach 'em.

I'm thinking of a year end wrap up. I usuall do a best-of music review at the end of the year but music sort of sucked donkey balls in 2002. I suppose I could do the best movies I saw - or the worst. Maybe the best comics I read this year or the worst tv shows I saw or just a review of the year in general or the year in blogging review.

Any suggestions?

In a few hours I'm going to put to use the margarita set that Justin bought me. Maybe even the shotglasses that my sister bought for us or the beer mugs that my parents gave us....I wonder if my family thinks I drink a lot? Anyhow, I'll get back to newsblogging later tonight. Meanwhile, if you can make suggestions as to what kind of year-end review you would like to see me do (and I do think that either the year in blogging or maybe a contest for blogging moment of the year or biggest blog story or....) well, leave any ideas or suggestions or pleas to not bother with it in the comments.

Right now, I've got new toys that need to be paid attention to.


Snowball? What snowball??

Ooh look over there.....

Heh heh. I balled you! (uhhhh huhuhuh) Join the Great Blogger Snowball War of 2002!

I think "YEAR OF THE BLOGGER" would be a great review! That would give you a chance to critic everyone who threw snowballs, too!

PS - I was gonna throw a snowball, but all I could find was yellow snow.

PSS - Yellow snow does NOT taste like lemonade! :)

i was gonna do a "best of" or "the year that was" thing too... kinda like Life does "The Year in Pictures". not so much a critique of other bloggers tho... just a wrap up of what's happened to me all year, yanno?

can't resist:

war? what kind of war ya talkin? Snowball war? heh

Blogger Snowball Fight 2002! muahahahahaha

I keep thinking I'll do a retrospective, but honestly, I'm so lazy lately, it won't get done. I'll just come here and read yours. ;)

this monkey has a snowball with your name on it. see? look real close -- HA! gotcha.

I think you should have a "Best way to have Blog fun on the 26th of December 2002" list. Cuz, the snowball fight would win.

Oh, by the way...

Yeah, like we're gonna be serious now...

> I wonder if my family thinks I drink a lot?

They might think that you should drink more....

Do they complain about your current drinking implements?

'And I, Jack, the Pumpkin King, have grown soooo tired of the same old thing'

Roll on 2003. As if it'll be any different...


You've Been Snowballed,baby...

Yikes! Looks as if I'd best keep my head down....

I could have used some of that glassware. I'm afraid every drink I serve is in a wineglass [g]

Tastes the same, but not as perty.