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deck the hall with tons of boxes?

Happy Boxing Day!

We may not officially celebrate Boxing Day but, from what I understand, December 26 (in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada) is a day to spend time with your family and play games. Basically, that is what we do here, in addition to throwing out a hundred boxes, so I guess this is our own version of Boxing Day.

Of course, my son thought it was the day he should wake his sister up by punching her in the head. And then maybe gather around the tv while we watch Rocky 1-4. Maybe make fun of Mike Tyson for a little bit, which is always a fun family game.

Anyhow, Christmas was great and I intend to post a gazillion pictures of our presents and the snow and the kids engaging in a rumble at my aunt's house on Christmas Eve.

It's odd how going just one day without posting can make you feel so out of practice. And now I have to try to be as entertaining as Laurence in order to keep the readers he sent over here. I do not have cats, people! That's what seperates me from Lair. Well, that and the whole anatomy thing.

Yea. I'm off to troll the news sites and upload some pictures.

It's good to be back.


Stop ignoring the snowballs.

Heh...balled twice in less than 12 hours...you slut ;-)

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I balled Michele, too...but I wasn't her first, darn it. Ow! Stop hitting me!

The Snowball Prayer
(Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat)

Oh lovely snowball, packed with care
Smack a head that's unaware.

Then with freezing ice to spare
Melt and soak through underwear.

Fly straight and true, hit hard and square,
This, oh snowball, is my prayer.

hope you have agreat boxing day Michele! :)

Blogger Snowball Fight!

Balled by a Geek. For shame.

Consider yourself balled!!!

Blogger Snowball Fight 2002!!!

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Hey! Don't throw away those boxes! I need them for my bed... (I took the sofa bed out of the sofa and am making a frame out of um... boxes).

A history of Boxing Day. There are a few attractive theories, all connected in some way with charity and giving. So, happy Boxing Day. :)