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As the curtain falls...

(Posted by Laurence Simon as part of the Amish Tech Support Occupation of A Small Victory during the holidays))

Let's check the scorecard for this goofball 1-800-JEW-BLOG idea , shall we?

Amish Tech Support, Amish Tech Support Dead Pool, A Small Victory, Overtaken By Events, Liquid Courage, and a token test post at Peoples Republic of Seabrook.

Okay, so I blew off Ho Ho Holy Shit and IsraPundit for the time being, but hey... it's not like I'm the only Jewblogger out there who can take up the slack for our celebrating Goy friends, nu?

So, how did I do? I've been keeping an eye on the blogrolling.com reciprolls for Michele of A Small Victory just to see if my posts there are causing the audience to flee in horror and disgust. It turns out she's gaining readership from this little 1-800-JEW-BLOG experiment. Binkley just tacked her on his list of reads.

Isn't this place great, Bink? Just wait until she has a few in her and really gets a head of steam up. That's when the fun begins!

Of course, I just lost a reader from my blogrolling reciproll list. Thanks for stopping by, Unnamed Individual! Glad to have been the least wholesome part of a nutritious breakfast!

Next year, more. Lots more. The concept is proven, a precedent has been established, and a demand is being met. In fact, I'm almost inspired to try a campaign of A Blog A Day, where I, the Wandering Jew, go from blog to blog until I have been on 365 different blogs, one for each day of the year.

A man can dream, can't he?

Now for all you African-American bloggers out there looking for someone to take the reins while you go off and do whatever Kwanzaa thing you go, have I got a deal for you. I mean, let's face it: you were slaves, we were slaves. Neither of us can get elected President.

Drop me a line, I've got the time.


You've been quite entertaining! Thanks for the day's bloggings. :)

Maybe I'm misunderstanding. I thought such a thing has been done before.
"my concept of 1-800-JEW-BLOG where a Jewish Blogger lets a Goy blogger take a break for the holidays"
Oh. Okay, that's new to me.
But I don't know what "goy" really means- my dictionary says
"often disparaging, a non-jewish person, gentile."
Hm. I shouldn't even be commenting let alone visiting while MicheLe is gone. I feel like I'm in someone else's house.

Condileeza Rice is black and she could get elected President. For a good conservative Republican Jew, there's always hope.

Actually, Sylvain, you shouldn't be commenting at all, since you clearly have nothing to say.

Although he has nothing of content to say, Sylvain is always willing to show up and carp, on the off chance that he'll hook a n00b who doesn't know about him.

This is, of course, the generous interpretation. The other possibility -- that he really is a gripless, clueless lefty who believes what he's saying and completely fails to understand what others write -- I will charitably ignore.

It is, after all, Christmas.

Merry Ho Ho, everyone!

Um, what the hell is a 'blogrolling reciproll list'? I feel like a kid reading the tech manual on a '67 chevy...

Shit, I don't even understand my counter stats. I'm just grateful that the shit i write on blogger turns up on my site.

Although I'm familiar with the concept that a shit load of words equals a shit load of time spent posting. Dude, fair dues for prolific output and all, but were you hiding from someone in that room today? Jesus. Talk about filling in...

Um, grade A for application, man.

Effing hilarious, Lair. Nicely done. Michele, give the boy a salary and make him your substitute blogger, then call him up at 6 a.m. and tell him he's on for the days when you want to cut school.

I've heard of a Shabbos Goy, but this is ridiculous.

Merry Christmas!