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(Posted by Laurence Simon as part of the Amish Tech Support Occupation of A Small Victory during the holidays)

What do the executives at McDonalds wish for Christmas? To be as reviled and hated as the executives at Coca-Cola who came out with the bilge known as "New Coke."

Say hello to New Meat:

McDonald's Corp. is tinkering with its primary product -- the hamburger -- in its effort to stimulate sales.

Beef patties will get a reformulated seasoning mix "to improve the flavor of our meat," and new sandwich buns will be rolled out next spring, a memorandum sent to franchisees disclosed. A copy of the document was obtained by Dow Jones Newswires.

All that remains is Jell-o to screw with their flavoring, and the Axis of Cosby will have destroyed the world!


Could McDonald's execs be any more stupid? Improving their hamburgers doesn't require a new seasoning mix...it involves grilling them on a flame instead of frying them and putting them under a heat lamp.

But then they'd be Burger King.

That's just marketing speak for more worm meat,less beef comin' soon.

Now virtually rectum free!

McDonalds has done more for others than you ever will.

Let me explain. The Ronald McDonald house pays and houses children waiting for medicial treatment that saves their lives. Last year my friends son would have died if it wasn't for the Mcdonald house. He went into liver failure and Mcdonald House flew him and his family to Colorado and covered all medical costs.Her insurance wouldn't cover the surgery(my friend lost her job b/c she was at the hospital everyday with her son b/c he was dying,her husband left and never paid child support)