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Holiday Meal Recipes For Cats?

(The brutal occupation of A Small Victory by the Insane Defense Forces of Amish Tech Support continues. Jane Fonda just called Michele and asked if there was anything she could do to help.)

Yeah, cat owners love their cats to the point of annoyance around the holiday season. We get them their own stockings, their own little costumes, their own little spice rubs and marinades...

Wait. Read that back to me again?

REUTERS: Boys Eat Cat That Stole Christmas Dinner

Three Kenyan schoolboys were arrested for eating a cat they suspected of stealing chickens set aside for their Christmas feast, newspapers reported on Tuesday.

The three boys aged 12-14 killed, skinned and roasted the cat for lunch last Thursday, the state-owned Kenya News Agency (KNA) reported. They were arrested after complaints from residents in Mororo village in eastern Kenya.

The complaints must have been that they didn't share.


If anyone is taking donations, our not-little NBC (New Big Cat), could probably end that whole famine thing.

So.Wrong. Don't.know.what.to.say.

I wonder what they used for stuffing?

Did they go the trendy route and make Tur-Duc-Cat?

I want the recipe.

What Acidman said...