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give me back my upper haaaaaaaand!

Christmas Eve already?

As usual, I am behind in everything I need to accomplish before tonight. I'll be posting a bit from work today, but once I leave work I am doing the unthinkable and handing my blog over to someone else until late Christmas night.

It's a surprise. I'll tell you who it is later.

Meanwhile, from Newsday:

Washington - The Bush administration pressed North Korea diplomatically yesterday to refrain from restarting a dormant nuclear reactor, even as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned that the U.S. military could simultaneously take on both Iraq and the communist Pyongyang regime.

"We are capable of fighting two major regional conflicts," Rumsfeld told reporters at the Pentagon. "We're capable of winning decisively in one and swiftly defeating in the case of the other, and let there be no doubt about it."

Oh, this should get the far left in a nice little Christmas snit. Rumsfeld is nothing if not confident. And arrogant.

In many ways, Rummy reminds me of Ash from Evil Dead II, but without the sense of humor.


Give me back my hand! Give me back my haaaaaaaaaaand!

Stay tuned for my Christmas Eve Address to the Blogging Nation.


Actually, Rummy has a delightful, dry sense of humor, but most never catch his wonderful sense of irony.

Or how about this one: Rummy as Ash, Saddam as Ash II from Army of Darkness -
"Good...bad...I'm the guy with the gun".
Or maybe Bush should be Ash.
We think silly thoughts, you decide :o)

I think his best joke was pushing diplomatic relations with Iraq in 1984 when the UN knew Hussein was using chemical weapons on Iran. Just another paper tiger. Ho Ho Ho.

Exactly, MommaBear. Sec. Rumsfeld's sense of humor is as dry as a James Bond martini. I love watching his press conferences.