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action figure nativity

click for larger image

Yes, I know I'm going to hell.



Hey, sometimes you've got to make do with what's around the house. No sin in that.

I just watched "Southpark: Santa vs. Jesus" in your honour.

I think the important point is that you worked in Skelletor. That's, like, 100 points.

He was the obvious choice for shepherd, even though He-Man wanted the part.

Wow- where did you get the Jesus action figure- we don't have that one. I would have to use batgirl

You really need a powerpuff girl action figure.

Now I want an animated Christmas Special to go along with that.

now THAT made me weep with mirth :)

The Jesus action ficture is the Buddy Jesus, from Kevin Smith's "Dogma". He's proudly displayed on my monitor ;)

Holy crap! Is that the Brain? Kick ass.

BUDDY CHRIST! How cool is that!

There's no Star Wars figures, but the Brain and Buddy Jesus make up for it.

My neighbors up the street use to have a pink flamingoes nativity scene. Complete with costumes. On Christmas Day the tiny little baby flamingo showed up, in swaddling clothes.
It was the best.

From the mouth of the 6 year old peeking at the screen.

Tetsuo from Akira!
"God-like figure" meets "figure-like God."


Damnit, I want a Buddy Christ.

Angry beavers AND Nightmare before christmas figures?

What....AND the Brain??????

Ah fooey. You Americans get all the cool shit. Bastards. Here the best I can hope for is a nectarine, or maybe a pop idol doll.


A shame you didn't have a tiny Pikachu . . .

Michele that is the most disgraceful
(trying to keep a straight face)
(cough, choke)
(bwah...choke, choke)
(bwahhahah..uhm, ahem, oh dear)
thing I have ever