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the inevitable happens

CNN is reporting that Trent Lott will step down. No link yet.

Yahoo News has the story.

Trent Lott has stepped down as Senate Republican leader, GOP sources say. The reports come as more Republican senators line up behind Bill Frist as a successor to Lott, amid the continued controversy over Lott's comments concerning Strom Thurmond's 1948 segregationist campaign for the White House.

CNN has the story up:

Lott is expected to retain his seat as Senator from Mississippi, while giving up the majority leadership position in the upper house of Congress.

I don't know much about Frist, so I'm reserving judgment. However, I think Lott did the right thing, perhaps the only thing he could do. There was no way he was going to recover from this and be able to lead the senate effectively.

I did a run of my blogroll and I think I was the first to post this. I beat LGF out by three minutes.

Yea, I know the only thing this means is that it proves I'm reading weblogs on the job. You take what you can get.


He finally did the right thing - if only b/c he's (really) incapable of leading in any meaningful way at this point.

Especially from the point when he managed the contradictory statement of "I'm not racist, but I support affirmative action."

As far as leadership goes - there are lots of issues (such as affirmative action, welfare reform, hate crime legislation, etc.) that have good, non-bigoted arguments against them - but no way in hell that Lott could have made them.

Republicans are better off.

Can we be spared the blow-by-blow, play-by-play description of who talked to who about what and when that lead to the resignation? Probably not.
Let's concentrate on the new guy - Bill Frist - he looks very interesting. I always like politicos that go out and do other things first (an MD), then get into politics. That goes for Jesse Ventura also.

the only juicy thing i know about frist, is that he and his family were wrapped up in that columbia health debacle a few years ago. otherwise, he's from tennesee, and i think he used to be a surgeon, but that might be one of his brothers. his family and my ex's family are friendly.

Lott is gone because Lott was wanted gone. There is some entertainment value in watching the jackaloids lunge in to fight over the victor's portion of his liver. None of them did anything but make themselves useful.

Lott will get a cushy, and probably very powerful, committee chairmanhsip.

One story is over; another begins. The Democrats will come to rue this day - especially as Bill Clinton had to open his fat yap. (And what is happening with his nose?) You'd think he would have taken a lesson from the flaccid Congressional satyrs who were foolish enough to make an issue of his zipper problems.

Sidebar: The only person more irrelevant than a dead politician is a politician out of elected office. How Bill Clinton and Al Gore can even find a willing camera is completely beyond me.

If you doubt, consider the power & influence of Strom Thurmond, right up until end, long after he'd been reduced to a drooling vegetable wheeled around in a shopping trolley. As a sitting Senator, all he had to be was breathing.

Lott for Frist? Yeesh, talk about the fat into the fire. Anti choice. Anti stem cell research from what I've read. Anti affirmative action. Anti protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation. Pro abstinence teaching. Pro privatizing social security. Pro "drug war".

sigh. Someone tell me why this is a good thing.

wken pointed to a scary article about Frist in the Boston Globe. gah!

Story in Boston Globe was not scary to me - he sounds "human" and willing to admit error - that's refreshing.

The neat thing about Frist for me is that he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. As an EMT, I dread going to a doctor's office. It usually means that the patient is in a very bad way and the doctor is doing nothing.

Frist is a heart doc. Has done CPR several times in the capital, and, God bless him, took charge of the care of the most seriously injured Capitol Policeman after that shooting a few years ago.

A doc that's not afraid to step up to the plate gets a few extra points in my book. Politically, the best you can say is that he's not a Democrat and not Trent Lott. There are too many Rockafeller Republicans in the Senate for a true conservative to ever become Majority Leader.

I work with docs who aren't afraid to "step up to the plate" every day. Frist doesn't impress me - he just did what a doctor is supposed to do. I don't give him special kudos for that.

He sounds like the same old same old from the Repub old guard, to me. Nothing new. Just different packaging. More's the pity.

not bad