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breathe easy

I'm just thinking out loud here - you know those smoke eaters they have in restaurants and bars that suck up all the smoke so the air stays clean?

Someone should invent a really tiny one that you can implant in your lungs.

Oh, go ahead and laugh. Some day you will all look back on this post and and recognize me for the genius that I am.

Stop laughing.


I have no doubt that it will come to pass. You should patent it now.

Brilliant! Simply brilliant!

It may well come to pass, but I still can't stop laughing.

I bought one of those Pollinex "smokeless" ashtrays a while back to use when I have my occasional cigar. Unfortunately, the fan is so loud that it takes all the enjoyment out of my smoke time.

I hope Michele's invention is a lot quieter than my ashtray. I can just see someone lighting up and this whirring sound starts emanating from their chest. It at least gave me a chuckle :) .

I will buy one of these only if they make that cool 'bugzapping' noise they sometimes make. Ah, an electric crackle, the sound of perfect health.

Great idea. You go gurl. Might want to check into nanotech. Not as far-fetched as it might seem.

However, if ya wanna be RICH, invent a keyboard spooge screen.

Good idea, except for one little bit - you get the buzz from having all of the bad things in tobacco (well, the nicotene, anyway)absorbed into the bloodstream through your aveoli. A device that absorbed the smoke in your lungs would make smoking pointless (except for the cool factor - I know I look way cooler smoking than not. In fact, I wish I was smoking right now...)

What you need is some sort of device that would clean all the tar out of your lungs - that would reduce the risk of cancer by quite a bit...

Aha! A tarscrape! A laser brush is insterted into your lungs and scrapes all the tar and nicotine away.

A car wash for your insides!

yeah, like the lungbrush Farley uses on SNL.
I would love one of those!