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you can't make this shit up

(this one goes out to adam)

Headline of the day:

Man sentenced for monkeys in pants

Don't even read the story. I think we should all make up our own, because the real story could not possibly do justice to the headline.


Woo! I posted this yesterday at Monkey Island.

Asked by agents if he had anything else to tell them, Cusack responded: "Yes, I've got monkeys in my pants."

I think that line is going on my tombstone.

I'll just add (as stated over at the one and only WWR) that the opposable thumbs are an added bonus. Well, if you're a boy and the monkeys are properly trained.

Oddly enough, the story DOES do justice to the headline.

Dangit...I was drunk and not in control of my faculties...I swear it was only a one time deal!