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mirror ball

Bah. Humbug. If I hear Felice Navidad one more time I'm going to wish myself deaf.

We did finally get the tree up and I took the requisite mirror shot in the ornament.

I'm beyond exhausted. Any rants I had ready to go will have to wait until tomorrow.

Except this: Good riddance, you bastard.


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Well that IS good news, but krikey, I was hoping from the link text "Good riddance, you bastard" that it meant Lott had resigned.

oh come on, the guy's blind, cut him some slack!

beside, feliz navidad is a pretty cool non-standard breath of fresh air compared to o come all ye faithful, and that junk.

I always thought Feliz Navidad was so comical. At least during sex.

We're soulmates - I thought I was the only one that hated Feliz Navidad. Same lyrics over and over and over ...I need a Corona.

On the way to meet the virgins...

I just love it when I read about dumbass terrorist scum who blow themselves up accidentally.


Oh Joy! Makes my whole day!

The best Christmas songs are sung by Elvis.

I'd like to think that the blast was not "accidental" but something along the lines of a laser-guided munition deployment ala "Clear & Present Danger"...

In any case, whether on purpose or by "accident" we won't worry about these guys again. Oh, and they can't meet the virgins, because technically, they weren't martyrs.. Still dead though....

Michele, you were supposed to take off your clothes before snapping that shot...