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the cheerleaders of the left, gathered in one place

Right Wing News has the final countdown of the most annoying liberals of 2002.

Ted Rall was voted more annoying that Sean Penn and Woody Harrelson, which makes me proud, in a hateful, spiteful sort of way.

See if you can guess the top 20 before you head over there. And I heartily agree with #1.

(I'm quite overwhelmed at work today and I have to coach a basketball game tonight, so the most you'll get out of me is links to others people's sites until later tonight)


Crap! I'm number 21 again. Always the bridesmaid...

I vote for Michael Moore as #1 most annoying liberal...Ted Rall #2, Streisand #3.

If I said Moore should be pistol-whipped, am I advocating violence or just being ironic?

Ridiculing liberals rather than criticising their positions, again?

What positions? Other than "please vote for me because I know more than you ever will and should rule the world", I mean. Geez.

When do they posts most annoying Constitutional Amendments? I hear that the Fourth one isn't going over too well with Right Wingers these days.

Matt: personally I like ridiculing liberals AND criticizing their positions.

Adam: Yeah, and the Second seems to be causing lefties some perplexion. Funny that.

I don't hink it's fair to put Gore Vidal on that list. He's clearly a sick man.