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food for thought

A co-worker in the Navy Reserves got the call he has been dreading last night. He's shipping out right after Christmas.

My sister's friend, a Marine, got his call yesterday. He's headed to Kuwait first week in January.

Just saying.


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Yup- A couple guys my husband works w/ got called in too

A married couple at my church got called too, to separate places.

They have teenage children.

Slowly, quietly. No big headlines in the Times.

January 7 or Feb. 6, new moon over Bagdad.

It's been a gradual process, Michelle. I live in "that world" of the military and the reserves. It's been going on for some time now.
My heart goes out to them for having to do this....but it is what they signed on to do. Mine will probably go out as well. This is life. He IS active duty...I understand the implications and I accept them. I don't have to like them.
That's life in the "fast" lane.

What can I say?

One of my staff is in the reserves and got "the call" about a week ago, that a portion of his unit was being called to active duty. It was between him and one other member of the same pay grade; if the other guy volunteered, my guy was off the hook. Otherwise, he would have been gone by now. Thankfully for me, he's still here, but I told him that it was still probably a relatively short reprieve.

It's sad, true, but "dreaded"?
I thought this was what everyone wanted.....

Don't be a fool, Sylvain. Wanted? Well, we wanted it over and done with. Of course I guess to you we really are all bloodthirsty warmongers who just can't wait to start bidding on Ebay for Iraqi ears.

I extend my best wishes to all those who will soon be fighting the war to liberate Iraq and the Middle East from a horrible fascist dictatorship. I hate to think about the inevitability of our soldiers - and innocent Iraqis - dying, but the aim of the war is a worthy one.

"guess to you we really are all bloodthirsty warmongers"
Not all, perhaps most. I don't know you at all, therefore I don't know if you are a bloodthirsty warmonger or not. And I've never accused MicheLe of that either.
But plenty of "warbloggers" are and readily admit to it.
And hey, I'm not pro-Saddam, pro-al-Qaeda, nor am I a liberal or leftie, so when you say "we", I'm in there somewhere too.
"Wanted" as in "wanted to go in and get the job done".
Yes, I do believe alot of people Want War over Have To War, over merely disarming Saddam. I do believe alot want revenge, want to show our strength to the world so it might not happen again. I believe, among many other things, Iraq is intended to serve as an example.

I guess it struck me as odd--
every day bloggers are saying we should get in there and oust the Dik, to which I agree. When the time comes then, why dread it....that was my point.
I guess I'm not grasping the concept of insisting we go to war then dreading it when the time comes.........my bad.

I think the dreading part comes when you realize that it is inevitable if we go to war that we will lose some of our soldiers. None of my immediate relatives are in the service anymore, but I know quite a few webloggers who are. That personalizes the war and makes you dread it, even though you believe it is necessary.

So you just pray that your friends and family will come back in one piece. Or wish it, if you're an atheist.

If you want to make an omelette, you gots to break a few eggs. I say freedom isn't worth having unless you're willing to pay for it - albeit with your nephew, a few of his friends, and some neighbors.

And as further proof that serious doodoo will soon be hitting a fan near you is the fact that they are starting to round up the usual suspects:

What I don't get is why our "allies" the Egyptians weren't included in the big sweep.

But as we all know, lobbying in the halls of government will get you anywhere - even those cunning Armenians (Wait - Armenia is in the Middle East, right?) got away...this time.

This is so mean.....but, I'm hoping the ex gets called........

"I guess I'm not grasping the concept of insisting we go to war then dreading it when the time comes.........my bad"

No, your short-sightedness. Recognizing that war is bad, but necessary, is a common part of adult experience. I honestly don't know anyone who is overjoyed at the notion of going to war; who in their right mind would welcome the notion of all those young men dying, not to mention the inevitable civilian casualties?

But many of us (most of the US population, from the polls) refuse to allow another 9/11, much less the worse possibilities which will almost certainly result from simply ignoring the problem and pretending it will go away. We reluctantly accept the necessity of war, and regret it at the same time; we also dread the results, necessary though they might be.

I have a hard time believing that you truly don't understand the issue; I suspect you're being deliberately disingenuous again... or, yet again.