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tackiness in the name of the lord: More Christmas Decoration Hell

The Christmas Decoration Hell TIPSters are out in full force.

I had no idea that the tackiness and guadiness of holiday decor had grown to such proportions.

Ever vigilant reader Carol sent along a link to the following picture from where else, Texas. Yes, kids - that is Santa's head skewered on a fork.

(I am at work and Photoshop-less, so I had MT make thumbnails for pop-up images. Sorry for any extra large images that appear in the pop-ups, I'll minimize the size of them tonight)

Mike sends along this exhibit of overabundance:

Henry Blake gets TIPSter of the Day award for his link to this site, (midi warning) maintained by a homeowner who thinks the surefire way to get people to recognize that Jesus is the reason for the season is to suck up all the electricity in the entire state of Indiana: (thanks also to Michelle Jones, who sent me a link to this article about the house)

Oh, there's more. So much more:

He even has a history page/diary:

November 8, 1999

We have put up around 15,000 lights so far. All the lights are on the house. We tested the chase sequences on the house last night for the first time and we were amazed at what we saw. Dasher worked perfect! We only have about 70,000 to go. It is a lot of work but my "Father in Heaven" and "Jesus Christ" are WELL worth it.

I'm sure they thank you for turning your neighborhood into a circus sideshow and sending gawkers to look at you like you're at your mind. The key to eternal life in the kingdom of heaven is........Electricity and advertising!

And remember kids, Jesus may be the reason for celebrating Christmas, but Santa shows up at the house every night from 7-9 pm!

Along the same lines, there's this gem, sent to me in a link by Peat:


A unique holiday display in Boise has prompted mixed reactions from neighbors and passersby. Residents of a home in the 6300 block of Ustick Road have erected a cross with a full-size, stuffed Santa Claus attached.

Chili Ciluaga got the idea to build the crucified Santa in his front yard while watching a TV commercial. He said the display conveys the message that the holiday season has become over-commercialized.

“The last thing I want to do is offend people, but if I have to do that to bring people to the cross, come on,” said Ciluaga, who lives in the home with his wife and two roommates.

Nice way to traumatize the neighborhood kids, asswipe. These grinches and killjoys who want to suck the fun out of childhood and everything good associated with it ought to just lock themselves in their house for the month of December and stop bothering everyone else with their sourness and bad taste.

I swear to Santa on a cross, if that guy lived near me, he would be finding piles of dog shit all over his lawn every morning.

More, more, more. There is no deadline on sending pictures or links. In fact, I have a few of mine - I've been driving around at night with camera in hand - and will post them on Saturday.


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I think I might have nightmares about that santa on a cross one. I mean, catholics are bad enough with the whole crucifix thing...but Santa??? Yeesh...you people are sick.

There was a camp at Burning Man years ago where you could have your photo taken with your favorite crucified celebrity. Santa was the big favorite, next to Elvis.

That Santa on a Fork thing is stupendous. Imagine the investment required to make that statement. But what does it mean? Is it "I fucking hate Hallmark holidays where the only purpose is to shop?" 'Cause I'm not sure that's gonna get through to the right audience, given the medium. It's troubling. I guess that makes it art?

And another thing: aren't crucifixes more an Easter thing than a Xmas thing? If death and birth are the same thing, to these people... Wait, isn't there a "you might be a pagan if..." test somewhere these folks need to look into? ;D

i swear to god, when i become ruler of the universe, i will hire decorators in droves, and educate people that more does not meet more tasteful, it just means fucking gaudy and tasteless.

what is it about this season that causes most people i know to not only lose thier minds, but all sense of taste and decorum?

Look at the superuberchristian light display. I'm sure Jesus would love him for spending his money on 85,000 christmas lights.

I can see a mall using that many lights, but for a home? Eesh.

When I lived in Miami, there was a guy who lived on a major roadway who put up an entire life-size Cavalry display in a plate glass window in his home. The cross Jesus was carrying was glowing blue neon. This was a year-round display, by the way.

There's also a neighborhood somewhere in North Miami that goes all out for Xmas lights. People line up to go on tours of that street. I haven't noticed a comparable area in Orlando, but maybe no one thinks they can compete with Disney.

"Catholics are bad enough..." "You people are sick..." "death and birth are the same thing to these people..."

What's with all the anti-Catholic rhetoric? Give it a rest you bigots. I like being Catholic.

We have nice, decorated churches with gasp statues of saints and things! We have Holy Water. We kneel during the Mass! We have 1st & 2nd Maccabees! It's cool being Catholic.

So say a few Hail Marys and go to Confession, you born-again/Baptist/ Protestant sinners.

I THINK it was a POTATO HEAD Santa on a fork and I think it was a restaurant....not that it is any better.

I am thining about crucifying my credit card. Or Wal-Mart.

I love the crucified Santa.

Dunno if you want year-old pics, but these were from Tarpon Springs, FL last year. We're going back next week with the G3 so hopefully the quality will be better. You'll spot lifesize anamatronic Mr. and Mrs. Claus's, angels hovering over rooftops, patriotic light displays, lifesize lit nativity scenes, lit candycane graveyards, and mo':


Give me a reason to drive two hours each way, and I'll get a picture of the House of Christmas Hell in Maryland just over the VA border.

Maybe my friends wouldn't mind going on a long drive. Hm.... it is through some rather pretty country, after all.

That is my Uncle. I believe that Christmas has become a holdiay where little kids get excited only for the presents. What ever happened to Christ during this holiday? For those who do remember him, just think of this on our behalf. For those who don't, this is a strong example to show you, Christmas isn't about the "gimme gimme gimme and get" holiday, it's an account of history that we should remember, not take for granted!!! I'm proud of my Uncle and his roommates, if this is the action American's have got to take, than so be it.