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foiled again

I thought I did a good job ripping apart those Canadian grinches, but of course, Lileks makes me look like sloppy seconds.


Lileks makes everyone look like sloppy seconds. What's really infuriating is that his bleat/screed stuff is just his hobby, the writing he does after his hired writing is done. Oh, to be that good.

That's why I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the "Interior Desecrators" book.

Most Canadians just ignore stuff like this. Everyone has a right to free speech, and Canadians support that fully. We also support the right for Canadians to go "Whatever, dumbass." and ignore them for the attention grabbing whackos they are. After all, by getting people riled and ranting, do they not achieve what they want?

Christmas is an exclusivly Christian holiday? Oh, jeez. I guess I better take down my big lighted Thor and Wotan figures and put the Aphrodite back in the garage. Dang.

I now have a mental image of He-Man and Shee-Ra on the lawn, wearing Santa hats. Thanks, Joker! I'm gonna be thinking of that for the next four hours...