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early morning notes and news

Before I get to the promised music post, I'll do a bit of a news roundup on things I may or may not expand on later.

First, for those who emailed about it, Natalie did not take her grounding well, as expected. But she did get all her homework done before dinner; which in itself is amazing, and the fact that she was off-limits from the phone and AIM gave her ample time to work on a project that is due after vacation. I expect I will have more to say on the subject of teacher expectations and learning disablities later on.

Second: The Bitch Bra™. Made from 100% pure duct tape, the Bitch Bra™ will provide you with all of the defense you need against airport security. It comes in two styles! Brought to you by who else but the Bitch Girls.

Third: It looks at though we are getting closer to war and it may happen in late January or, according to Stephen, early February, when there is no moon. I'm hoping for January 21, thus ensuring that the premiere of America Idol 2 will be pre-empted for war coverage, and I won't be forced to watch it with Natalie.

Fourth: There's been a nasty, horrid stomach virus going around here. Almost everyone I know has had a taste of it. Today I read that the local hospital (located just about half a mile from my house - and whose staff and doctors mostly live around here and whose children go to school in this district) has been struck by the Norwalk Virus. More on this later, I suppose.

Last: Look for a big shake-up at the North Pole today. Less than a week before Christmas and pink slips will be handed out - survivor style.

I think that's it for now.


Its going to be a long day. You bring the tequilla, I'll bring the porn and Krispy Kremes.

Stephen, shmephen. I've been predicting the dark of the moon in January for two months now, and recently decided it was going to be the second new moon.

You haven't been paying attention.