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prepare for tomorrow's post

One more thing before I pass out.

Tomorrow I will do another music related post, this time about guilty pleasure songs - those tunes you don't want anyone to know you love for fear of embarassing yourself and losing your street cred.

Start thinking.

Oh, and Joe has a post over at Raising Hell.

And my pings aren't working. I hate it when I can't ping. MT is acting real weird like these days, but I'll be damned if I have the patience to look at it now. I'm in a royall pissed off mood and the best thing to do is curl up with some graphic novels until I fall asleep.


OH man, is there a limit on how many we can list?? ;-)

Hell, that's everything I own.

Michele - if you are still awake IM me. I have some incredible Kim shit to tell you about...here is a hint....she was fired today.

Neil Gaiman graphic novels? =)

are you on 2.51?

I believe so.