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hit the back roads, bill

Clinton calls GOP 'hypocritical' on Lott

Former President Clinton said Wednesday it is "pretty hypocritical" of Republicans to criticize incoming Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott for stating publicly what he said the GOP does "on the back roads every day."

You don't want to talk about what goes down on those back roads, Arkanas boy.

"How do they think they got a majority in the South anyway?" Clinton told CNN outside a business luncheon he was attending. "I think what they are really upset about is that he made public their strategy."

Hate to break it to you, Bill, but I don't think any party's strategy is self-destruction. Oh, wait. That was the Dem's strategy this year, oh so it seemed.

Asked if Lott should be removed, Clinton said, "That's up to them, but I think they can't do it with a straight face."

You would know. You're the master of straight-faced lying. I did not have sexual relations....

The former president then said, "He just embarrassed them by saying in Washington what they do on the back roads every day."

And you embarassed the entire nation by doing under your desk what teenagers do on the back roads every day.

"I think the way the Republicans have treated Senator Lott is pretty hypocritical since right now their policy is, in my view, inimical to everything that this country stands for," Clinton said.

Not for nothing, but if no one said shit about Lott, Clinton would be standing up there raging to the media about how no one spoke out against Lott's racism. He is an opportunist of the worst kind; willing to jump in and kick at the bodies only when they are already dropping.

As to what this country stands for, the leaders of this country made it pretty
clear when they practically ran you out of the White House for your bold faced lies and drunken old man behavior.

I think Bill needs a can of whoop ass opened up on him. (Thanks Sondra!)


Everyone uses the blowjob lie- it would be refreshing to have other Clinton lies pointed out as well.
Are there any? There's got to be...yet, always with the blowjob lie.
I never cared for Clinton, but if I had a choice between a horndog and a christian fundamentalist, I'd choose the former.
Unfortunately, we didn't get a choice two years ago.

Sylvain, does it matter what the lie was about? The point is, he perjured himself. The PRESIDENT of the USA perjured himself. I don't give a fuck if it was a blowjob or a murder, the end result is the same: the president swore to tell the truth and lied right to our faces.

You would rather have a "horndog" who cheats on his wife in the Oval Office than a Christian? It's not about the blowjob, per se, it's about having the leader of our country not even caring about the sanctity of his marriage. That says a lot about a person's character.

You've got to do better than that, Sylvain.

........A liar, a perjuror, a leader CHOKE who get's his twisted weener mobbed on in the Oval Office, an adulterer, and a self-proclaimed in-your-face Christian (oh, ALL those photo ops on church stairs)......... Thank you Michele........:) Maybe there IS a God after all.

Good point, Michele. It's important to resist allowing the lie that the Clinton scandals were "just about sex." His most infamous bimbo was given a plum Pentagon job. Other politicians have been tossed out of office for that kind of abuse of power.

As you pointed out, he lied under oath. Of course he lied his ass off about the Whitewater scandal, the Travel Office Scandal, the draft-dodging stories (What did that story get up to, version 3.5?), the socialized medicine secret-cabal scandal, the White House security (!) aide caught with classified FBI files on Republicans, the threat facing the country from radical Islam, fund-raising coffees and sleep-overs in the White House, and capped it off with the presidential pardon scandal, pardons for sale. He's not in prison because he was never put before a judge to testify under oath about those other insults to reason.

Also, he and his bride were allowed to pay the income taxes due from previous years, when they had falsely reported losses from their Whitewater games. Most of us would have at least been assessed fines and penalties, if not subjected to criminal prosecution for such fraud. Ivy-league lawyers who don't know you can't deduct a "loss" on a business in which you made no personal investment? Right. Get your money back on those law degrees, folks.

In the case of Senator Lott, doesn't racism have to do with someone's personal character? It's unfortunate that Ex-president Clinton had to make statements claiming that Republican party values include racism, but not as unfortunate as having a senate majority leader make statements revealing his racist character. If anyone needs a can of whoop ass it's people who support racism.

Eric, I gave Lott several cans of whoop ass already.

Eric.........ACK! Lott hasn't ADMITTED to being racist. Clinton ADMITTED to perjury. Your implicaton of Lott being racist doeas not make him a criminal. I have yet to see proof that Lott is a racist. And you know what? He can be one. It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH! You know what else? This whole Trent Lott thing has had my panties in quite a bunch. I don't respect him, champion him, or really, know too much about him (Believe me, I am learning and studying more than I care to at this point. ) BUT. I cannot believe the fuss about his comments. He has the freedom to "feeeeeeeeeeeel" however he wants. I LIVE everyday with the crap that's spewed that I find much more offensive. You're talking to a witch who voted for a ghasp RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN Governor canditate a few years back in WA State. I knew she wasn't going to hang me and believed she was entitled to believe ANYTHING she wanted to. I was not such a pussy that her PERSONAL beliefs threatened me IN ANY WAY. If Mr. Lott was sooo offensive, since I hear he's made a pattern of these comments, then where were YOUR panties then? WHY. Is. It. An. Issue. At. All.? Some things need NO discussion until some one MAKES it that. This whole thing makes me puke.

Ah yes, it seems I should have read closely before shaking my fist...

Much apologies for the groundless assumption.

Sondrak: well okay, I guess if you can justify having a racist in the Senate by claiming first ammendment rights then you must know your constitution better than I do. I never claimed that Lott was a criminal, I'm just against having racists running for office. But if you're okay with it, I guess I can't argue.

(Oops, sorry... erk=eric. same guy.)

One's personal beliefs have no impact on me. Ever. It's ACTIONS that frighten me. And Mr. Lott, whoever he is, has not shown himself to be a racist TO ME. Perhaps your definition can help me in my errant misunderstanding? High crimes and misdemeanors are mentioned in the Constitution. Ask anyone in prison for a Felony conviction of Perjury what they think of Clinton. I believe there are MANY people in dirty piss holes in other countries for thought crimes............

Can we lose the indignation of Clinton's sexual peccadilloes already? Enough self-righteous ranting. How many of us haven't committed some sort of indiscretion with a member of the opposite sex? Let it go...

As far as Clinton's opinion on Lott, I think he's dead on. All Lott did was give voice to what has been the defacto GOP attitude for years. If you were shocked by Lott's comments, you clearly haven't been paying attention.

Well, you made a good point. Since Lott didn't break any laws, he shouldn't go to jail. I'm not sure what Bill Clinton has to do with this, but I guess since he broke the law he should be punished accordingly, or, whatever. The criminal justice system really isn't my bag. Voting down civil rights bills and supporting candidates that ran on a platform of segregation seem to be actions that are motivated by racism in my opinion. (though by no means are these actions illegal.)

Does your argument rest on the fact that Senator Lott has not been convicted of any crimes? Or is it merely that racism is a perfectly legal state of mind? Fine. I will try to be more specific:

Since Senator Lott recently announced his regret that a man who campaigned on segregation did not win in the 1940's, I do not want Senator Lott to be making decisions on bills that may affect anyone's life. If this involves replacing him with the most right-wing Republican Senator, that's hunky dory as long as the new person isn't someone who supports segregation.

(Not that segregation is even a viable threat anymore, but racism still is.)

Clinton cant really talk. He gave the medal of freedom to a racist and pardoned another after exploiting the minority vote. How come its ok to cheat on your wife over and over, go on live tv and lie about it, and then go to court and lie to them. In doing this he made a mockery of the judicial system (and the institution of marriage). Its not only ok to lie under oath, but its possible. He has no right to preach morality. He is and was a total joke. Look what example he made for our children!!!! Now they all want to be president.........

Concur, the guy was the most self centered guy. Liberals call him the best President in modern times........that is if you set back our moral fiber 150 years; which he did. He was a joke (as everyone has stated). A con artist. He pulled a fst one on all of us. And it worked...........Lott said something stupid. THe funniest thing is it will actually make America stronger in the long run. Lott revealed inner stupidity. clinton revealed that he hasnt an ounce of dignity.
JACK: 'How many of us haven't committed some sort of indiscretion with a member of the opposite sex?' A lot of people, Jack. Clinton isnt one of those. I think the point is he forever stained the sanctity of the Office of the Presidency. Elect more people like Clinton and "indiscretion with a member of the opposite sex" will become more commonplace.
We cant let it go. He was wrong. You want us to let it go because you are one who sees "indiscretion with a member of the opposite sex" as an everyday thing. Clinton chose the wrong time and place to have affairs. I hope clinton invites your wife/girlfriend/daughter to a romp with him.......hilarious.....

Ok. I worked for Ralph Nader 19 years ago. Kill me. Oh, and I hated Reagan too. And colored with pretty chalk (PEACE signs and Pentagrams!) on Storrow Drive in Boston for Earth Day in 1990. And I currently hate Islamofucks, shop at trader Joe's, work at the Olympia Farmer's Market, own a business (petsitting) feed my dogs organic, home made food), own a BMW, have an organic garden, fly a HUGE flag (actually two: USA AND Gadsden), and own firearms. I recycle and compost more than anyone I've ever met, have an IRA, drive a brand new really cool "SUV" type vehicle, don't shave as much as my husband may like, smoke "American Spirit" cigs, think Peter Gabriel is a GOD (got to attend his show last night....what a yummy man:-), think racism is just stupid (We have signs here in Oly: "We have the right to refuse service to ANYONE" and think that's just fine.Stupid in a busines owning sense, but fine, I feel the same way about my home...) I LOVE George W (the II), I am a practicing witch, have a red,white, and blue lit up tree (a current pride, never went through the trouble before...lighting up a tree outside:) I LOVE Snoop Dog (he's a babe), Clawfinger, and RAMMSTEIN!!!! (I pay homage with my VANITY PLATE ON MY COOL AMERICAN RIG!), and can cook your ass off in my kitchen, my husband belongs to AND teaches for an electrician's union. So... FUCK YOU and your opinions of RACISM, BIGOTRY, and and ignorance, as well as those on diversity. Let me add that I am the biggest "Fag Hag" in the world AND HAVE A MENORAH TOO! Oh, and CROSSES hanging next to my gargoyles. Tell me, what am I now? ok? I STILL don't know why the Trent Lott thing has effected me the way it has, but I'm REALLY pissed off by it. Believe me, people who don't use turn signals piss me off MORE than Trent Lott. So far, he hasn't done ANYTHING to effect my life the way this whole ass munching crap has. Fuck THIS! One of the STUPIDEST things to comment on so fiercely, yet so compelling for me. GAWD, I. Am. So. Pissed.

I'd still vote for Clinton over the current administration in a heartbeat. But one of my Sea Monkeys is about to have babies and make you a grandgodmother. So you can't hate me. ;-)

It's painful, Robyn.........but I bite: What the fuck does THAT mean? I realize that the "I'd vote for Clinton in a heartbeat" comment should explain it, but????? I'd have to give a shit, alLOTT, to hate.........

"the president swore to tell the truth and lied right to our faces."

Good point. Now, show me a president who hasn't lied right to our faces, current memory of course.Current president as well.

"it's about having the leader of our country not even caring about the sanctity of his marriage."
From what I understand, Hillary didn't really have a problem with it. Not a big fan of hers, BTW.
Marriage is over-rated IMO. It's not necc good for all. I personally don't care for it...and I intend to spend the rest of my life with my significant other. Unmarried, as we both agreed.
Not a big fan of Clinton either, but my point was that the lies coming out of the current CIC are worse in comparison to a blowjob.
"You've got to do better than that, Sylvain"
Better than what?? I really WAS looking for further lies to post.
I wasn't being sarcastic. you got 'em, I'd post 'em.

"His most infamous bimbo was given a plum Pentagon job."
Dammit! Really? Where's the link? I don't know about this! Educate me!
Greg looks like he has some answers, but it will take Research to find his references...rather gather it as it comes in RIGHT NOW our current liar president.
Clinton's dick really isn't relevant anymore, IMO.
"He's not in prison because he was never put before a judge to testify under oath about those other insults to reason."
Who, Bush Sr? PotKettleBlack
Seriously, in the end, if you support Bush, you support a Family that profits from war, and still live off the PrescottNaziProfits.

It's like comparing a street whore to the Mafia.

SondraK, since Michele gifted Robyn with the Sea Monkeys, I'm pretty sure she WASN'T TALKING TO YOU.

Yawn. Michele -- Ken Starr wasted $70 million dollars, only to prove that Clinton got head.

Nothing else. Folks who claim Whitewater, Travelgate, etc, need to read a little history -- they proved, by finding NOTHING -- that Clinton was clean in those supposed crimes.

The lies spewed forth by THIS Administration make Clinton look like a fucking saint.

I'm not surprised that folks continue to attack Clinton, who would have trounced the Idiot-in-chief in 2000, had he been allowed to run.

What Clinton did in regards to the blowjob lies between he and Hillary. If they've made their piece, y'all need to get over it.

He was dead-on about the GOP, though. Just look at this past election -- the attempts to keep blacks from voting, as documented in Maryland and Florida, only prove what Bubba said.

Sylvain said: "Unfortunately, we didn't get a choice two years ago."

I'm not sure where you live, but there were at least five candidates for President on my ballot in 2000, and I'll guarantee there were at least four in yours, because there were four parties who had a candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. If you're too dumb to read two of them or too weak to vote for two of them, that's your problem, not anyone else's. I managed to successfully vote for someone besides the Republican or Democrat candidates, and I'm no great shakes, so I have to imagine that others are equally capable.

Scott said: "What Clinton did in regards to the blowjob lies between he and Hillary."

Well, no. When he's asked about it in a court of law during a duly-constituted legal proceeding (which the Jones suit was, like it or not), it's between him, the other parties to the suit, the presiding jurisdiction, and the people of that jurisdiction. Sorry, but that's just the way it is, and Clinton, as an attorney, goddamned well knew that. He chose to do the unethical thing, and twist and turn and lie. And when he got nailed for it, he bitched about being a victim. Fuck 'im.

hey erk/eric

you sure seem incensed by the notion that someone would dare to be racist in the Congress.

So, how do you feel about Grand Kleagle Byrd? You know him, the Democrat Klansman that enjoys the votes of all the happy negroes.

He likes saying interesting things too, like 'nigger'.

Why don't you say anything about that?

So, tell me why Lott's comment-- which mentions neither racism or segregation --is worse than Klansman Byrd's 'nigger' comments?

Its funny how the press uses Lotts comments over and over, but the only time you heard Grand Wizard Byrd use the "word" "nigger'' was on meet the press and never since then has it been used. Media bias?
I think one point liberals tend to overlook is that the President should be a role model. It used to be in the past. If he was a role model we are doomed. The office of the Presidency will be forever tainted. The fact that he did lie under oath is the point.

I think Clinton is the worst president for ever.

I have interesting blowjobmovies.