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you are in a large jail cell. there is a small bucket in the corner and a man named bubba is staring at you.

Four brothers who work for a suburban Dallas computer company were arrested Wednesday on charges related to an alleged financing scheme for the radical Islamic group Hamas, law enforcement sources told CNN.

A 33-count federal indictment filed Tuesday named the brothers, three other individuals and the computer firm, Infocom Corp.

Infocom?? The same Infocom that took away half my life by making those addictive adventure games?

You are standing at the entrance to your workplace. You see federal agents approaching.
You cannot go that way
There is a large tree blocking the path
You come face to face with a man holding a gun
>examine man
There is nothing to examine
>examine gun
It is a huge gun
run where?
>run w
You run straight into the path of another armed man
who do you want to talk to?
>talk man
The man says you are under arrest
>To whom do you want to pray?
pray to Allah
>Allah says you are on your own

What's next? The makers of Atari arrested for supporting Saddam?


Evil minds think alike.

No way. Nolan Bushnell would never turn traitor!

I'm with Anna - they must be double agents!

"You are in a maze of twisty pretzels, all alike..."

Deadline was my favorite - nothing like catching George in the secret room retrieving the will before he can throw it in the lake!

How the hell did I remember that?

v. v. clever!

I'm such a geek...

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