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the six towers

New Plans For Ground Zero Released

1. Ugliest building design ever.
2. Too cold looking, very sterile.
3. I always liked the Oklahoma City memorial, where there is a chair for each victim. This design borrows on that: The garden would contain an amphitheater on the north tower footprint with one seat for each victim who died in the attacks. I like the peacefulness and grace of this design, as opposed to the hard symmetry of the previous two.
4. Too post-modern for my tastes. Also, looks too much like the inside of any mega-mall.
5. Welcome to Epcot. Umm..is that a plane flying in back of the towers?
6. This is what would happen if Darth Vader were an architect. I think someone was watching the Superman Fortress of Solitude scene when they thought this one up.

Maybe it's me. Perhaps I just don't get these artsy, complicated designs.

Then again, perhaps I still don't wish to see ground zero built upon. I feel once they do that, once they start building, Pete, and the others, will really be gone forever.


It appears that none of the designs incorporate a missile defense system. How strange.

Love your site
have to disagree on not building there though
a little personal history
i was here on the 11th work on wall street and have been in construction for over 20 years
i had done over a dozen jobs myself at the WTC and i loved those buildings
i lostt 11 friends that day and assisted at the site as best i could until early evening when i had to leave cause i could not take it anymore and had to get to my family
i spent the next week smuggling myself into manhattan to get my company up and going ( i am a facilities manger )
and for what it is worht i would put the towers back eactly as they where
if i had perished that day , and if i was at the towers during impact and not busy evacuating my people i most certainly would have , i would want them back
it is the surest way to say we are not beaten and we are not down
all will be remembered do not fear

I don't think they should build anything there but a big ass memorial garden...and I didn't lose anyone in that mess like you did.

It just doesn't seem right.....I mean...it IS a graveyard, in my eyes anyway.


The first one is one of the better ones -- the one with the two towers that go up some 1400 feet is the nicest, I think -- the one in #1 on your list was leading the informal poll at CNN.

I hope that they build something amazing there. These designs are much better than the earlier batch.

I've been a fan of this:


for some time, but I'm beginning to think it's just a pipe dream.

> http://www.wtc2002.com/start.lasso

Hey! That's the best design I've seen yet.

I'm an architect, and I think that these proposals are a lot better than the earlier schemes. I also think that we must rebuild, big, bold, and ballsy - but not on the actual original footprint; that is sacred ground.

Several of these proposals embody the "tectonic" sort of colliding planar design that is in vogue in architectural design today. While this design vocabulary can produce some really interesting and creative design, I'm afraid that the proposals that use it here evoke mental images of buildings warping, twisting, and collapsing. I've seen buildings collapsing on this site enough to last a lifetime, thank you. We can design a sincere, powerful tribute to the victims of 9/11 on this site without employing - intentionally or otherwise - such a jarring reference to what has happened there.

1 - There should be 2 buildings or 2 main buildings.

2 - They should be bold, tall. Maybe the tallest in the world. I'm glad the "we have to build several smaller structures" talk has evaporated. We won't cower from terrorists.

3 - There should be green space, a park and a memorial.

4 - The buildings should be in the spirit of the WTC, which was reductionist, minimalist, and un-artsy. They were two big blocks. Forget the fancy crap.

5 - Make them strong enough to resist anything. Jet fuel fires, rockets, bombs, make 'em fucking invulnerable.

We'll honor the memory of the victims every time we set foot in the new towers, every time we execute a stock trade or buy a commodity, every time we close a business deal or cement a partnership. Every transaction in those new towers will be a big "fuck you" to every shithead terrorist who hates and fears our system, or freedom, & our way of life.

I have to agree on having a garden space. I understand practicality calls for a building also. Manhattan isn't like okc where there is unlimited land available, so the space is probably needed. That first one doesn't look stable.

I drove by the OKC memorial about 11 sat night. It is beautiful. The words dedicated to those who were lost kind of glow against the granite. All the seats are lighted from below. It looks like they float. I say beauty is a wonderful way to answer such hate and still remember those who died. I think the same is true for NYC.

build them back exactly as they were.

maybe a bit stronger, but the same. Show the fucks that their attempt at scarring us was useless.

engrave the plaza with the names of every person who died in this tragedy

and put that ugly globe right back where it belongs.

and then, every time we take a trip to the top, to eat to work or just to look out we will know that we are standing on a concrete symbol of the indomitable spirit of the American people.