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the operative word here is "tool"

Oh My Goodness! I am SHOCKED! I think I have to lie down, I'm so unnerved by the revelation that Iraq is using Sean Penn as a propaganda tool.

Oh, please! I don't know where those statements are being fabricated from," said spokeswoman Mara Buxbaum.

"This is specifically propaganda. It's a twisted interpretation of what he said. They are twisting his words."

According to Buxbaum, Penn never even spoke with the Iraq Daily.

So why would Penn's newfound buddies stab him in the back?

Buxbaum said Penn would not be available to answer that question.

Nor could she say whether the acid-tongued talent would now write off the terrorist nation.

Raise your hand if you saw this coming a mile away.


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Penn's actions disappoint for 2 reasons:
1. he's over there doing what he is doing, and
2. Penn is a very talented actor and I don't know if I can enjoy him in any future roles.
Jane Fonda was the same way - talented but misguided.

As if anyone should give a rat's ass about Sean Penn...if there's a G-d, his vacation there will be involuntarily extended.

OT: Why is Al Michaels still at ABC?On Monday Night Football this past week,after half-time he came right out and said Gore did not win the popular vote in Florida...The network has got to get on his ass for that!

I'm a little nitwit,name is Sean
I am a tool-boy I am a pawn
When I see my Saddam put upon
I kiss his armpit and sing this song

(Apologies to "Little Teapot")

Sean Penn's deal in Iraq is like in the Batman movie where the Joker asks, "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight."

If you harbor a terrorist, you are a terrorist. If you fund a terrorist, you are a terrorist.
If you are a terrorist, you are a terrorist. If you are a movie star, you are a terrorist.
Shawn Pens vacation in Baghdad was about Hollywoods control of oil........boycott hollywood. One gets very little in return for paying $9 to sit in front of a screen and tune out for 2 hours. On the other hand, when people flock to movies like they do, hollywould reaps the benifits and you are without 9 more dollars. A fool and his money........

sorry abot the spelling error of 'benefit'

sory about the spelling error of 'about'

sorry about sory

scot: more mix, more ice.

If he truly went there to "find things out for himself", why then all the cameras? We don't need any more celebs on their soap boxes bitchin' about our government and its policies. They can afterall, go apply for citizenship elsewhere - lets see their lifestyles then. Perhaps their opinions might change somewhat. He needs tojust shut up - we have soldiers at risk for people like him. Reminds me of Jane Fonda - can't forgive or forget.