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carnival of the vanities: season 13

So I overslept just a little bit today.

That's ok, you don't need to be here, anyhow. Alex Knapp has put together an incredible episode of Carnival of the Vanities. Makes my icon idea look like child's play. Just an idea of what he put together and the work he put into it:

Season 13 of the popular, long-running series Carnival of the Vanities is regarded by many critics and fans as the best season of all. This season occurred during a long period of time in which the creator of the program, Silflay Hraka, gave up creative control of the series, and several other prominent producers took the helm for a season apiece. Critics frequently regard season 13 as the best due to the sharp wit brought to the program by famed producer Alex Knapp. Fans of the long running series, however, view Season 13 as a high point in spite of, not because of, Knapp. Frequent mutterings can be heard at Carnival conventions about "that lousy egomaniacal hack Knapp" whenever a critic heaps praise on his work in the 13th Season. These hardcore fans cite that the writers for season 13 had already been lined up by previous producers, and that Knapp was merely "riding on their coattails." Still, love him or hate him, nobody can deny that season 13 was filled with terrific writing, intense characterization, ingenious plot points, and of course, a healthy dose of humor.

What are you waiting for? Turn the station to Heretical Ideas and watch the 13th season of COV.


Thanks for the kind words. It was a lot of fun to put together.