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professor or professional protester?

Found at - where else - Indymedia: Faculty and Students Call for Teaching Moratorium

We, the undersigned students and faculty, resolve that on the two school days following the beginning of an unnecessary and unjustified bombing campaign or land invasion of Iraq, will hold a two day teaching moratorium. During this time only teach-ins debating the war and related foreign policy issues will be held. Through our actions we will create a space for dialogue and discussion for the diverse elements of civil society who are united in our skepticism of the necessity of such a war.

Should such an attack occur during the winter recess the moratorium will take place on February 3rd and 4th, 2003.

Andrew Arato GF New School University
David Graeber Yale University
Lauren Leve GF New School University
Stevphen Shukaitis New School University

If I was a parent paying for my kid to go to one of these colleges, I would be throwing a tantrum on the floor of the main office right now.

I don't really care if you are for or against the war, but if you are paid to teach, then teach. If you're on the clock, you shouldn't be spending your time spouting your ideologies and political ideals to your students. Colleges are not supposed to be training grounds for liberal pep rallies, but it sure looks like that's what's happening these days.

What about the students who don't think the same way? Maybe some of the students actually want to go to class and learn something besides ways in which you can be a far left liberal.

I wonder what the university higher ups would say if a bunch of right-wingers got together to stage a day of protest for Israel or to support a regime change in Iraq. You can bet a semester's tuition that they would be silenced so fast the protest would never get past the planning stages.


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"diverse elements" that are "united"? I hope all the lessons are up in the downstairs.

Remember Juan, you get 10 points everytime you use the word diverse or diversity in papers these days. Oppression is only worth 3 points.

"During this time only teach-ins debating the war and related foreign policy issues will be held."


A bunch of people all reinforcing each-other's fringe orthodoxies and likely sending away or ignoring anyone that disagrees with them. Sounds like a debate to me.

Perhaps all the students who were denied the instruction that they paid for could sue the instructors for compensation of lost tuition. Of course when I was 18 or 19 I would have looked at it as a free day off. Once you get older (and have paid for school out of your own pocket) you really appreciate the value of instruction.

But we're not allowed to disagree with liberals, haven't you been paying attention? They claim to be all tolerant, but if you dare to have a different opinion...

Gee, students supporting getting out of classes? Who'd a thunk it? :)

That was one nice thing about my college. Didn't have to worry about liberal weenie professors. Not when the classes are getting taught by guys in flight suits.

Tuition at Yale this year is $27,130. At a year of 180 teaching days, the tuition cost per day is $150.22.

BTW, if you go to the Yale site, you can buy tuition isurance, that pays your tuition if you loose aid or grants due to some unforseen circumstance. War and nuclear exposure are two of the exclusions, as is failure to attend class.

. . . I am a student attending a college within the SUNY system. we have had a few "crazy liberal" protests, but some right-wingers on campus will always show up toting signs of their own, and making up their own chants and whatnot. What i'm saying is, there's usually pretty equal representation of both sides at these demonstrations. And, if they actually did have this "teach-in", i'm sure not all teachers would have signed it (therefore not all classes would be cancelled), and people would show up from all camps to take part in the debate. or, you know, sleep in.

You appear to have missed the logic of this - the very concept is that one expresses opposition to the war by withdrawing support for the continuation of daily routines in such situations where it is imperative to discontinue the daily flow of life as a means to express the discontent with the current state of US foreign policy. But I guess that would be part of the "liberal weenie logic."

This was intended to create a space for discussion and debate - not to "enforce fringe othodoxies" or some such - and to be blunt about this - I AM NOT A LIBERAL. One can object to war on the basis that it is by far one the quickest ways to exponentially expand state power (which is very easily historically demonstrated). By the way, this discoruse itseld seems to be a pretty self-enforcing fringe anyway, doesn't it?

So - if you would wish to continue this discourse as a debate, then that can be so.