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who turned out the lights?

Is it just me or has the entire blogosphere slowed to a crawl this week?

Well, don't look at me to break the trend. I'm too busy Christmas shopping and trying to figure out if Victoria's Secret has started designing clothes for 13 year olds, because it sure looks that way. My daughter is not going walk around dressed like a ho.

Man, life was so much easier when before Natalie turned into a teenager.

So, you think Rummy is in love with this guy, or what?



Look at that man... ooh, those medals... yum!

Yes. Rummy's a badass, but even badasses need luurrve.

Did anyone else hear 'A Whole New World' from The Little Mermaid inside their head when they saw that pic, or is it just me?

"Sometimes When We Touch
The Honesty's Too Much"

Rumsfeld: "Buddy, come go time, you had better not fuck it up."

nah, he's just concentrating really hard on not letting anybody see his lips move.