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when bloggers have too much time on their hands

If you haven't been reading the Santa blog, you're missing out on some interesting developments. Apparently Mrs. Claus (aka Stacy) and Strom Thurmond go way back. And Strom is a little umm....light on the brain matter these days.

Hannakuh Harry has stopped by to post also. The dude gives out library cards for Hannakuh presents and then he wonders why people are shooting at him.

Even Sean Penn wrote a letter to Santa.


Golly gumdrops, gee thanks for blowing my cover. ;P

Y'all can just call me Sybil...

What the heck are you doin' to me, Michele? HH is not me. I've only got a mild case of MPD, not a major one.

Mind checking the IP address of that last one... that wasn't me, either.

Michele, are you familiar with The Eight Reindeer Monologues? You'd enjoy that kind of humor. Think Vagina Monologues, except that the plot revolves around the alleged rape of Vixen by Santa. Cupid's gay, Blitzen's a raging feminist, and if I give away anymore, you won't have to go see/read it yourself. The student-run theatre group performed it here and it's absolutely laugh-out-loud hilarious.