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When Penn speaks, does anyone listen?

Sean Penn. Gotta love him. After all, he just saved an entire country from having the wrath of the U.S. foisted upon it's ground.

Mr. Penn gave an interview to Iraq Daily:

He confirmed that Iraq is completely clear of weapons of mass destruction and the United Nations must adopt a positive stance towards Iraq.

Well, it looks like there's no need for the weapons inspectors to be there now that a bona fide Hollywood star has confirmed that there are no WoMDs.

The self-righteousness and smugness of this man amazes me. Does anyone really put that much value in Sean Penn's declaration of Iraq's state of armament?

Oh wait, I'm sure everyone in the Moore/Chomsky/Rall camp o' idiots will be hanging on Penn's every word and cheering him as a spokesperson for his generation.

I say strap him to a missile and aim it for Saddam's palace. Two crazy birds, one missile.


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last night craig kilborn threatened that if iraq didn't show us the weapons, we'd leave penn there AND send over the 'two baldwins who don't know what they're talking about' as well as woody harrelson.

he also showed footage of penn in a children's hospital taking photos of the kids and telling them to smile (really - he actually said 'smile')

I have never liked Sean Penn.

What a raging idiot.


Is there any way we can make him stay in Iraq??? Please?

Apparently, many people seem to care about what this guy says, since everybody's blogging about it.

It's absolutely amazing. In a matter of days, Sean Penn is able to verify that Iraq has no WMD; something that UNMOVIC, the United States, and numerous other countries have been unable to do in a decade. The abilities of Sean Penn and the rest of the Not in Our Name crowd are truly amazing. I have a suggestion to increase our intelligence and security, and save money to boot. Let's dismantle the CIA and outsource the whole operation to the Screen Actors' Guild.

It's people like Sean Penn who can turn left-wingers into card carrying Vast Right Wing Conspiracy members.
Ok, so maybe he's not so bad after all.
Can we leave him there forever, though? Please?

Making Sean Penn stay in Iraq would be worse than bombing her to oblivion. I'm no fan of Saddam's, but I simply must draw the line at the idea of such an abuse of human rights.

I was in The Arctic, but I didnt see any penguins. So I guess the Arctic just doesnt have any penguins.

Sylvain, you really need to develop your ability to distinguish between "care about what this man says" and "dump scorn on him" -- there's a difference. (Hint: you can get a clue by the level of background chortling and snickering.)

And believe me, we're dumping scorn like he's the sawdust and we're the elephants... hot, steaming scorn, by the wheelbarrowful.

Iraq Daily?????

You brain surgeons think Iraq Daily might be spitting out some propaganda?

Propaganda? Iraq??

ya think?

raq Daily?????

You brain surgeons think Iraq Daily might be spitting out some propaganda?

Posted by Aghast at December 17, 2002 10:58 PM

Propaganda? Iraq??

ya think?

Posted by santa at December 17, 2002 11:00 PM

And yet it's to be 100% believed that what they've reported about Sean Penn's statements is true?

Especially since he also apparently said he'd reserve judgement until he got back to the US and had time to think things over a bit?

I can understand taking the lords name in vain, but come on! A Hollywood Movie Star!!!! These people entertain us and in what little spare time they have, they try to save the environment, or the worldfrom war or whatever the cause. They are always here for us. I think its great. I hope more movies stars and artists make the point to George Shrub......Bill Clinton '04!

Aghast: Precisely. They were spitting out propoganda, and innacurately quotted Penn. That's the point, by going there, he was garaunteed (sp) of being used as a pawn by a sick homicidal maniac for a dictator. If someone has issues with the govermment policy, vent at home, not in the enemy camp. Penn and Jane Fonda...what a pair. Fools and losers.

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