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News with a gratuitous stab at Lott

In case you were wondering where to shop for Trent Lott's Christmas present.

Oh, damn. Too late! Two shopping malls in Huntsville have evicted a vendor selling Dixie Outfitters merchandise, which combines images of the Confederate Battle Flag with trucks, wildlife and dogs.

Mac says " their supplier also sells a shirt depicting 'blacks picking cotton and the slogan, "Land of Cotton."'

But Terry Bagwell, owner of the offending kiosks, said Dixie Hot Stuff, the supplier, carries 600 different different prints for their shirts and "Most is dogs and puppies and fish and deer."

I bet they is.


I don't give a flying f*ck about PCism and not offending people's "precious" sensitivities, as you well know, so all I can say is that if those asshats are quite willing and prepared to throw a vendor out of the Mall in response to fuckwitticisms from some of the worst race-baiters in the country, the formerly noble Civil Rights organization now known as the Black NAACP Mafia over the friggin Stars and Bars, then this whole business is a perfect example of what is WRONG with our country, not what's RIGHT.

Hypersensitive assclowns and fucknozzles.


The flag in question represents racism and centuries-old memories of oppresion to a significant group of Americans, in the same kind of spine-freezing way a swastika would make any Jew in America (or anywhere) feel. And asking that this abhorrent symbol be removed from a shopping mall open to the public is wrong?

yes, starmama it is wrong. It's called censorship and repression.

It's called enforcement of a political orthodoxy.

In America, where Freedom is real we don't do this sort of thing. I hope the guy running the kiosk sues and winds up owning the damned mall.