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you've been a baaaaaaaad boy

What is it with nativity scenes?

Charleston police arrested an East Bank man for allegedly having sex with a sheep used in a West Side funeral home's live nativity scene.

I don't know what's more disturbing; the guy having sex with the sheep or the fact that a funeral home has a live nativity scene. The thought of mourners having to pass what appears to be a holiday petting zoo on their way into the funeral home seems wrong in a whole lot of ways.

But what I really want to know is, if this was a "live" nativity scene, where were the people playing Mary and Joseph while this guy was bedding the sheep?

The assailant was charged with trespassing, destruction of property and cruelty to animals.

I wonder if the sheep really thought it was cruel.


Err ... that's just wrong! And yeah, where were Mary and Joseph, not to mention the Wise Men?

Yuckkk.... That's messed up. There is one question I can't resist asking, though: was the sheep a moaner or a screamer?? ;0)

If the animal in question had been a dolphin, I'd have said it probably liked what he did to it.

That's just baaad.

maybe he was joseph :-X

I heard he picked the ugliest one, too.

This is precisely why I don't have a nativity scene. Although I am wondering if I could somehow mix in my Beagles to one.

I think you crashed the site that you were linking to by the way.

I built all those roads - and do they call me "Ken the Road Builder? No. See all those factory buildings - I own them too. Do they call me "Ken the Factory Owner"? No.

But you fuck one lousy sheep . . . .