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Operation Christmas Hell: add another rule on the fire

Operation Christmas Hell TIPSter Mike sent me a picture which reminds me that I forgot one very basic rule of Christmas decorating:

Christmas spirt and school spirit should never, ever be mixed. Ever.



That's nothing...you should've seen the 3 ft tall, 5 ft. wide Razorback hog done in red Christmas lights that was on the downtown square. Unfortunately, we couldn't get close enough to get a clear photo. It was hideous.

Oh, man -- we saw a whole slew of new ones last night, Michele -- totally horrifying.

I also saw an apt. building off the #6 train this AM at 6:15 that was about 12 stories tall, with half the balconies lit.

Scary stuff, up here in Da Bronx.

I dont' care how prosperous NW Arkansas is, you couldn't pay me enough money to live in Fayettenam for that very reason.


I am from Arkansas and last year we were driving down the road and saw a car (one of the long ones from the 80s) that was decked out in christmas lights...and they were blinking! Talk about redneck christmas...

My house overlooks a house with a 10 foot tall inflatable Santa. It's white trash at its commercialization-of-Christ best.
P.S. This is my first time seeing this blog. It's nice! It and my new(ish) blog were listed in another blog as blogs to see. What a weird world I've entered. It's a very bloggy Christmas. Feel free to peruse: http://www.tinypineapple.com/dan

I posted a little research I did on xmas if yer interested.......

oh, and if you have a christmas tree, hug it for me!
Because hugging and decorating aren't all that dissimilar....

Tam, we saw a pick-up the other night in front of the Waffle House with similar decorations, completely covered from bumper to bumper with blinking Christmas lights...alas, we didn't have a camera with us.

How does anyone think that's a good idea?

LOL Rita, I don't know how anyone can say it's a good idea...or how they even decided to put lights on their vehicle. I've seen yards that had boats and tractors decorated also. I wonder is it only in arkansas that this happens? (not to mention the hog decorations like the one mentioned in this post and your comment earlier. Hideous)

Dammit, there goes my proposed OU display...